Expat guide to living in Sudan



Expats visiting Sudan will be welcomed by local hospitality, arid desert air and ancient pyramids. Sudan’s skyline is testament to both the country’s forward movement to the future and its rooted heritage. Foreigners have journeyed to Sudan to experience the culture of the Nile. Before you take to the desert sands of Sudan, take a look at some important information. 

Sudan Pyramids at Merowe

Expat Clubs

The Greek Club

The Greek Club in Khartoum is one of the oldest foreign clubs in the country, founded in 1912.

Address: Khartoum 2, Khartoum, Sudan

Coptic Club

Coptic Club is next to Khartoum and is located in Khartoum. It is a sports and leisure center.

Address: 11th St, Khartoum, Sudan

International Schools 

Khartoum American School

KAS is a  co-educational day school which includes program for grades Nursery through Grade 12. The majority of the international staff are qualified American teachers. All classroom teachers are certified, with an average of 15 years of teaching experience.

Curriculum: American

Address: US Embassy, P.O. Box 699, Khartoum, Sudan

Tel: +249-15-577-0105 / +249-15-577-0107

Fax: +249-183-512044

Website: www.krtams.org


KICS (Khartoum International Community School)

As the first and only IB World School in Sudan, they are proud to offer truly international programmes ideally suited to the needs of our diverse student body and community. Together with their commitment to offering a rich variety of extracurricular activities, being an IB World School enables us to live up to our commitment to developing well-rounded young people through a broad and balanced education. In serving the international and local communities of Khartoum they join together to inspire and guide their students as they develop the knowledge, skills and values they will need to make tomorrow's world a better place.

Address: Wad Medani Road, Adjacent to Hai El Raki

Tel: +249 183 215 204

Website: www.kics.sd

Local News in English

Sudan Tribune Plural news and views on Sudan

Sudan Tribune is a non profit website based in Paris that was started in 2003.

Website:  www.sudantribune.com

Country Information 

Location: Africa

Capital City: Khartoum

Other Important Cities: Omdurman

Currency: Sudanese Dinar

Language: Arabic

Calling Code: +294

Internet TLD: .sd

Electricity: Sudan runs on 230V 50Hz. The National Electricity Corporation of Sudan is the state-owned electricity company that generates, transmits and distributes power to the entire country.

Emergency Numbers:   

Fire: 998

Police: 999

Country Information


Embassy Information

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Residents Visa and Work Permit information

All visitors must obtain a visa to enter Sudan. This can be done through a Sudanese embassy or consulate. There are three types of visas available: Entry visa, transit visa and temporary residence permit.

For tourism and business purposes, expats must apply for an entry visa, which is valid from 8 days to 1 month.

Applications for this type of visa must first be presented approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This process can be done by:
  • A sponsor in Sudan
  • A sponsoring Sudanese company
  • Business partner in Sudan
  • Or the hotel / travel agency based in Sudan.

Once approval is received, the following documents are to be forwarded:

  • Filled-out Visa Application Form
  • Passport (must be valid for at least six (6) months and should not have Israeli Visas of Immigration stamps affixed to it).
  • Yellow fever and cholera vaccinations are recommended.
  • A letter from the sponsoring company stating the purpose of the trip, duration of stay, financial responsibility and references in Sudan.
  • One (1) passport sized photo
  • Fee

Sudanese Embassy in the US website >> 

This type of visa can be extended through the Passport, Immigration and Nationality Office in Sudan.

For extended stays, a temporary residence permit is required. The following documents must be submitted as well:

  • Work permit
  • A letter of recommendation from the employer or work place
  • Two passport-size photos
  • Fees


Expat communities in Sudan are growing; most work for the oil and gas industry, and humanitarian projects. The capital Khartoum is popular among foreigners. Cultural centers are found in Khartoum. It is a very metropolitan city, modern yet reserved. Nestled by the river Nile, it is the largest city in Sudan. It’s convenient for expats with families, as the city houses international schools in the area. Bahri area is more industrial and residential. Apartments in Khartoum come fully furnished or unfurnished. They are come in several styles including European. Some apartment buildings come with 24 hour security services. There are also villas and independent homes in Khartoum, especially in the areas of Riyadh, Tayif, GardenCity and Manshiya. These are normally 2 to 3 story villas, 3 to 9 bedrooms, parking garage and gardens.

Rental agreements can be short or long term. 1 bedroom apartments can go for $141 to $383 per month, while larger apartments start around $490 to $823. 

Driving License

Expats may use an international driving license in Sudan, provided this has been authenticated by the Sudanese Ministry of Interiors. Expats will require a local license, however they must be legally employed in the country and residency has been granted. Expats on visit visa are not eligible for a local license.


Facilities and services are limited, and most are located in Khartoum. The quality and standard of healthcare in Sudan are below western standards. Medication supply is also limited; expats are advised to stock up on personal medication before travelling. Emergency services are free for the first 24 hours. Cash payment is to be expected.




Fedail Hospital

Fedail Hospital is located in the centre of Khartoum in the heart of Khartoum medical community. Fedail Hospital has now 43 specialized clinics managed by some of the best qualified doctors in Sudan.  It has 24 hrs accident and emergency service, in-patient facilities, modern intensive care and excellent diagnostic facilities. It has 10 floors provided with 4 lifts, stand-by automatic generators and its own filtered water facility. The hospital is also fitted with central oxygen and suction system.  It has a very modern kitchen and 24 hrs pharmacy services.

Tel: +249-183766661

Ambulance: 0122222555

Email: [email protected]

Website: fedailhospital.com


Royal Care International Hospital

The Royal Care International Hospital is a 150 bed tertiary care hospital located in Khartoum, Sudan. RCIH is the first hospital in Sudan prepared to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) for quality practice. RCIH is a multi specialty hospital that features Centers of Excellence housing services delivered by USA, Canadian and European Certified Physicians.

Address: PO. Box 13304, Khartoum - Sudan

Tel: +249 1 56 55 01 50, +249 1 56 55 01 51

Fax: +249 1 56 55 01 55

Website: royalcare.sd


The Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery

The Salam Centre structure includes:

·         SURGICAL BLOCK: 3 Operating Theatres, 15 Intensive Care Unit beds, Sterilization, Catheterization Laboratory.

·         DIAGNOSTICS: Reception, Outpatients Consultation Rooms, Radiology, Ultrasound, Laboratory and Blood Bank, Pharmacy.

·         WARDS: 48-beds Ward (including 16- beds Sub-Intensive Care Unit), Nurses’ room, Physiotherapy, Recreation room for staff and patients, Storage areas.

·         ADMINISTRATION and offices.

·         SERVICES: Laundry, Ironing, Kitchen, Library, Conference and Teaching room, Children’s Playroom, Storage areas, Cafeteria.

·         GUEST HOUSE for relatives of patients coming from outside Khartoum, housing up to 50 people.

·         TECHNICAL AREA, maintenance services, oxygen, vacuum and compressed air production unit, generator rooms and warehouses.

·         MEDITATION HALL for patients of all creeds and religions.

Address: Soba Hilla, Khartoum, Sudan

Tel: +249(0)155116350/1

Fax +249(0)155116352

Website: www.salamcentre.emergency.it


Ibn Khaldoon Hospital

Address: PO Box 6094, Khartoum, Sudan

Tel: +249 11 451 747

Fax: +249 11 451 750


Modern Medical Center

Address: P.O. Box 11957, Khartoum, Sudan

Tel: +249 11 471 749

Fax: +249 11 775 804


Sahiroon Specialised Hospital

Address: Burri, P.O. Box 11560, Khartoum, Sudan

Tel: +249 183 471 472

Fax: +249 11 265 317