Uzbekistan expat guide to healthcare, education, expat clubs, meet ups & more



Uzbekistan is a double landlocked country in Central Asia, and while a large portion of the country is desert, it offers wonderfully rich and diverse natural environments such as natural relics, mountain forests, waterfalls, caves, national parks and other natural monuments.

The country has one of the fourth largest gold deposits in the world, and ranks 11th in the world for natural gas. Unsurprisingly, the country is consequently one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

If you are (or plan to be) an expat living in Uzbekistan, please find below a list of expat clubs, schools, general links for women living in Uzbekistan, country information and more...


Expat Clubs

Expats in Uzbekistan

There are a good number of foreigners living and working now in Uzbekistan. The aim of this group is to connect all of them here and make this group a window to share and care about the activities of the Expatriate community in Uzbekistan.


English Pub Quiz in Tashkent

Irregularly Kristina and Cedric will hold an English Pub Quiz in Patrick’s Irish Pub in Istiqbol Street 45a. The winning team gets a small prize!


Tashkent Mountain Hikers Group

Trips to the mountains.


International Schools 

Tashkent International School

Tashkent International School (TIS), an International Baccalaureate (IB) World school, is a not-for-profit, independent, co-educational day school governed by a board of directors elected from the parent community. Established in 1994, TIS serves the needs of an expanding international population, including children of expatriate business people and children from the diplomatic communities.

Curriculum: International Baccalaureate

Address: 38 Sarakulskaya Street, Tashkent, 100005, Uzbekistan

Tel: +998 71 291 9670

Email: [email protected]


The British School of Tashkent

Welcome to the British School of Tashkent. A vibrant, high achieving British school where children develop a love of learning in a secure and stimulating environment. From the classroom to the sports field, our team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff ensure that all BST children have happy, productive experiences and are exposed to a multitude of fantastic opportunities through the English National Curriculum.

Curriculum: English National

Address: Yassi Street Bld 15, Mirzo-Ulugbek District, Tashkent

Tel: +998 71 262 6020

Email: [email protected]


Tashkent Ulugbek International School

The Tashkent Ulugbek International School was founded in accordance with Decree Number 328, which was issued on 25 August 1995 by the Cabinet of the Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Over the past few years the school has had many achievements, including; Membership of the European Council of International Schools and the Council of International Schools; An educational state license from the Republic of Uzbekistan's Cabinet of Ministers, permitting the school to operate in Tashkent.

Curriculum: UK National Curriculum

Address: 100100, Uzbekistan, Tashkent, A. Abdullaev Street 3-A

Tel: +998 71 253 08 92

Email: [email protected]


Local News in English

Country Information 

Full name: The Republic of Uzbekistan

Location: Asia

Population: cc. 24.8 million

Capital City: Tashkent

Other Important Cities: Samarkand, Namangan, Bukhara 

Currency: 1 Uzbeki som = 100 tiyins

Language(s): Uzbek, Persian, Tajik

Religion(s): Islam

Calling Code: +998

Internet TLD: .uz

Electricity: 220V, 50Hz

Emergency Numbers: Fire – 01, Police – 02, Ambulance – 03

Uzbekistan’s 174,330 square miles begin in the Karakum (Black Sand) and Kyzlkum (Red Sand) deserts of Karakalpakistan, and the country is squeezed between Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. Tashkent, the country’s capital city, is one of the largest cities in Central Asia with 2.1 million residing there.

Uzbek is the official language of the country, and while laws making it the only official language of communication were relaxed in the late 20th century, non-Uzbek speakers have voiced their concerns and difficulties in finding jobs and entering the educational systems. Perhaps picking up a fast track course titled ‘How to speak Uzbek’ will come in handy for any expat here.

Nonetheless, language barriers do not stop people having a great time in Uzbekistan – as Uzbeks celebrate whenever and wherever possible, and parties normally consist of a large meal ending with palov. The food is accompanied by copious amounts of vodka, cognac, wine and beer. An event definitely worth getting involved with while living in the country.

Uzbeks are Sunni Muslims, and the country was considered a center of Islam in the region for centuries prior to the control by the Soviet Union.

Elders are highly respected in Uzbek culture, and women are expected to be modest in dress and demeanor, with clothing covering their entire body.

The weather is somewhat seasonal; summer is long, hot and dry, spring – mild and rainy, autumn has light frosts and rains and winter, while short, comes with snow and temperatures below freezing.

Embassy Information

This website is really handy for finding a full list of all the local embassies in Uzbekistan...

Residents Visa and Work Permit information

Every person has the right to citizenship in the Republic of Uzbekistan.  No one can be denied citizenship or the right to change citizenship. However, Uzbek visa rules change quite often and depend entirely on the state of the country’s relations with the US and EU,

Residence Permit

To obtain a permit for permanent residence in Uzbekistan, expats should apply to their regional (city) interior authority in whose jurisdiction their place of temporary stay is located; the following documents should be submitted:
  • Applications-questionnaire in two copies according to form established by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Notarized applications of relatives (acquaintances) in whose house (flat) an applicant is going to stay, documents regarding their attitude to an applicant's request as well as documents certifying the relatives' (acquaintances) rights for possession of dwelling and a number of persons residing there.
  • Notarized copy of documents on marriage and birth of a child;
  • The receipt on payment of government duty charged for consideration and drawing up of documents in the amount established by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Two photos, size 35 x 45 mm.

There are also other visa types available for a stay in Uzbekistan, such as a Diplomatic or a Business visa.


  • Diplomatic Note
  • One duly completed and signed Visa Application Form
  • Valid original diplomatic passport
  • Copy of diplomatic passport (copy of pages with personal data, visas, stamps and other records)
  • One passport size color photo


  • Official letter of employer
  • One duly completed and signed Visa Application Form
  • Valid original passport
  • Copy of passport (copy of pages with personal data, visas, stamps and other records).
  • One passport size color photo
  • Visa Fee

Business multiple or single-entry visas are only issued upon confirmation received by the Embassy from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan.


There is somewhat of a cultural divide in Uzbekistan between the people who live in the main cities such as Samarkand and the capital, Tashkent and the remainder of the country. In the cities, people live in European style houses and apartments, close to what expats may be familiar with. Outside of the cities, in the rural areas, there is a mix between European houses and more traditional yurts – which are like large tents! 

Driving License

In Uzbekistan, main roads are generally in good condition, but many secondary and less busy roads are in poor conditions. Only main roads in the cities have street lights, so take caution when driving at night as it’s a tad more dangerous.

Traffic moves on the right hand side of the road, and there is a large road police force that frequently checks if drivers have any minor infractions or have the correct documents.

Seat belts in all areas of the car are compulsory, use of mobile phones is forbidden, overtaking is forbidden in certain areas of the road and there is a zero tolerance policy on drinking and driving.


Unfortunately, the quality of Uzbekistan’s healthcare has declined following the post-Soviet era. Spending on healthcare and the ratio of hospital beds to population has declined. Common diseases associated with polluted water include typhoid, hepatitis, dysentery, cholera and various types of cancer.

Nonetheless, there are international hospitals and clinics that expats can visit if the need arises.

Insurance Companies


Tashkent International Clinic

Address: Tashkent International Clinic, 38 Sarikul Street, Tashkent 100105, Uzbekistan

Tel: +998 71 291 0142


Doctor D Multifield Hospital

Address: Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, 700019, ul. Usta Alim, 15A

Tel: +998 71 240 2038