Expat guide to living in Egypt



Egypt, the land of the pharaohs. With its historical roots reaching back to ancient times, it’s no wonder this country by the Nile attracts tourists and expats from around the world. If you’re planning on moving to Egypt, here’s some information that can help you get by.

Egypt the Sphinx

Expat Clubs

British Community Association

The British Community Association is run under the patronage of HBM Ambassador to Egypt and administered by the BCA Main Board. Founded in 1976 to serve the interests of the British and expatriate community in Egypt, we celebrated our Silver Jubilee in 2002 and are proud to say that the association has continued to expand to the point where today, it is a home away from home for expatriates from all over the globe.

Website: www.bcaegypt.com


Cairo American Softball League

We have both men's and women's teams to join or bring your own. We have a newly renovated childrens playground, food and beverages are available evenings and fridays.

Website: www.caslegypt.com


Cairo Hash House Harriers

Social and running club.

Website: www.cairohash.com


Cairo Rugby Club

Cairo Rugby has always been much more than just a rugby club: we're a sports and social club that offers all sorts of sports and social events, and encourage members who enjoy a more-relaxed lifestyle (like bar perching) as much as those who enjoy taking part in sporting activities. As a result, we cater to sportspeople and leisure seekers of all shapes, sizes, ages, genders and persuasions.

Address: No. 18 Port Said Street, Maadi Sarayat, Cairo

Tel: +20 2 23580889

Email: [email protected]

FB: www.facebook.com/pages/Cairo-Rugby-Football-Club/44174824289

Swiss Club Cairo

Address: Villa Pax, 90, El Gihad Street, off Sudan, Street, Imbaba, Cairo, Egypt

Tel: +20 2 33142811, +20 2 33151455

Email: [email protected]

FB: www.facebook.com/groups/84264393773/

Website: www.swissclubcairo.com

International Schools 

American International School in Egypt

AIS Egypt is a member of the Educational Services Overseas Limited (ESOL) group of schools. We offer a comprehensive, Kindergarten-Grade 12, co-educational, college preparatory, day school program. Our 1,100 students celebrate cultural diversity while proudly representing over 30 nationalities.


Curriculum: American

Address: Cairo Festival City, Fifth Settlement, Cairo, Egypt

Website: www.aisegypt.com


American University in Cairo

An American-style education with over thirty undergraduate, graduate and certification programs; includes admission, programs, faculty, library, publications, alumni information.

Curriculum: American

Address: AUC Avenue, P.O. Box 74, New Cairo 11835, Egypt

Tel: +20 2 2615 1000

Fax: +20 2 2795 7565

Website: www.aucegypt.edu


Cairo American College

Cairo American College is a world class learning environment that affirms the voice, passions and talents of students and inspires them to use their hearts and minds as global citizens.

Curriculum: American

Address: 1 Midan Digla, Maadi 11431, Cairo, Egypt

Tel: +20 2 2755 5507, +20 2 2755 5508

Fax: +20 2  2519 6584

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.cacegypt.org


Cairo English School

Offering an outstanding British-based education to national and international students to encourage their achievement of academic and personal excellence and cultural awareness in order to play a positive role in a complex and ever-changing global environment.

Curriculum: IGCSE


Tel: +20 2 2249 0200

Fax: +20 2 2409 1625

Website: www.cesegypt.com


Modern English School, Cairo

In October 1990 the Modern English School, Cairo opened its doors with only 26 students enrolled. The school began with the pioneering vision of a group of educationalists led by Mr. Nabeel Dajani and Mrs. Sawsan Dajani.

Curriculum: British, International Baccalaureate

Address: New Cairo, South of Police Academy, Cairo, Egypt

Tel: +20 2 2618 9600

Fax: +20 2 2617 0020

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.mescairo.com


Maadi British International School Cairo

MBIS has a deserved reputation for the highest academic standards and a caring and inclusive approach to education. Expansion and relocation has allowed us to combine this with excellent facilities including spacious classrooms, an indoor 25m Swimming Pool, Multi-Purpose Hall and Theatre, two Computer Suites, an Early Years Centre and spacious, well-equipped play facilities.


Curriculum: English National Curriculum

Address: 4th District next to Wadi Degla Club, Zahraa El Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

Tel: +20 2705 8671, +20 2705 8672, +20 2705 8673, +20 2705 8674, +20 2705 8675

Fax: +20 2705 3679

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.mbisegypt.com


Schutz American School

The curriculum is that of U.S. general academic and college-preparatory public schools. The School's testing program includes PSAT, SAT, Advanced Placement, other College Board and Iowa tests. Instruction is in English. French and Arabic are taught as foreign languages beginning in grade 5. The School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Council of International Schools.


Curriculum: American

Address: 51 Schutz Street, Alexandria, Egypt, 21111

Tel: +2 03 576 2205

Fax: +2 03 574 1435

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.schutzschool.org.eg


The American School of Alexandria

A co-educational day school that provides an enriched college preparatory program, preschool through high school.

Curriculum: American

Address: Off Gamila Abu Hreid St., Seoff Shamaa, Alexandria, Egypt

Tel: +20 3 330 7555, +20 3 330 7558

Fax: 20 3 330 7555 Ext:221

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.asa-egypt.com

Local News in English

Daily News Egypt

Daily News Egypt is a completely independent news provider for Egypt and the wider MENA region. Working with local Arabic sources we provide the English speaking world with an insight into breaking news, in print and online every day of the week. We aim to build our reputation for honest and reliable reporting, to make us a point of reference on Egyptian current affairs for readers all over the world.

Website: www.dailynewsegypt.com


Egypt Today

This is an English-language news site that delivers local news, features, culture, travel and opinion.

Website: www.egypttoday.com

Country Information 

Location:         Africa

Capital City:    Cairo

Other Important Cities:         

Currency:        Egyptian pound

Language:       Arabic

Calling Code:   20

Internet TLD:   .eg

Electricity: Egypt runs on 220V 50Hz. The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company provides the majority of power in the country.

Website: www.eehc.gov.eg


Emergency Numbers:

Ambulance: 123

Fire: 180

Police: 122


Country Information



Country Study


Embassy Information


Residents Visa and Work Permit information

Most countries from the Middle East and North Africa may enter and stay in the country for 3 months without a tourist/entry visa. US, Some nationals including the US, EU, Australia may obtain a visa on-arrival. Other countries will have to obtain a tourist/entry visa from the Egyptian embassy or consulate in their home or host country. There are two types of visas available to expats, namely a non-tourist residence visa and a 5 year residence visa.

A non-tourist residence visa will be granted to the following categories:
  • Employees of governmental administrations, public sector, municipalities & enterprises sector companies as well as their wives & children.
  • Students enrolled at universities & schools according to their enrollment certificates.
  • Parents of students who acquire this residence for the purpose of study.
  • Foreigners coming to Egypt for voluntary work on their own expense.
  • Sons & daughters above the age of adulthood, whose fathers have a residence permit based on work license issued by the Ministry of Manpower & Employment.
  • Parents of an investor granted a 5 Year Residence Permit, would be granted Non-Tourist Residence Permit on the bail of their sons/daughters’ residence & upon a letter of recommendation from the Investment Administration.
  • Foreign divorced women who were married to Egyptians when children are under their custody.
  • Husbands & children of foreign women granted Temporary Residence Permit in their personal status.
  • Those who have personal bank account of minimum $ 50.000 or an equivalent sum in any other currency deposited at an accredited bank in the A.R.E. The deposit must be kept in the bank for a year. This residence permit is renewable and extends to their wives & children for a maximum period of one year.
  • Owners of real estates - whose ownership is established by contracts registered in the Public Notary - are granted this residence which extends to cover their wives & children, provided that the value of the estate is not less than $ 50.000 to be transacted through an Egyptian bank.
  • Relatives of Egyptians till the second degree.
  • Those who are over 50 years of age who had a permanent residence in Egypt for (5) years and who have a source of income or financially supported by relatives till the fourth degree.

A five year residence permit is valid for (5) renewable years and granted to the following categories :

  • Foreign investors as well as their wives and children.
  • Egyptian citizens who waived their Egyptian nationality due to acquiring another nationality as well as their children.
  • Sons & daughters of: Egyptian mothers/fathers who have been granted Egyptian nationality & adults whose mothers - granted aSpecial Regular / Five Year Residence - are their guardian because of the death of their fathers.
  • Those who are over 60 years of age who had resided in Egypt for (10) years and have a source of income in Egypt.
  • Foreigners who have been granted 5 Year Residence Permit according to international conventions.
  • Wives and widows of Egyptian husbands.
  • Wives of foreigners who are granted Regular Residence Permits.
  • Wives and children of foreigners who are granted 5 Year Residence Permits in the abovementioned cases.
  • The 5 Year Residence Permit costs L.E. 203.10.


Cairo is a top choice for many expats, especially the areas of Maadi and Zaamlek. These areas are close to amenities and has residential areas; these units can be a expensive.


Finding accommodations is also pretty straightforward. An unconventional way is to walk up to a building’s doormen for vacancies, which gives you a chance to contact the landlord directly for an unmediated rental negotiation.


The newspaper broadsheets also publish rental listings daily. These can help you narrow your search to a certain area. Consult a real estate agent if you are looking for an upscale property as most of these agencies publish high-end openings.

Driving License

Expats can use an international driving license for just one month, thereafter they will have to apply for an Egyptian license in order to drive legally. Expats will have to pass both the theory and practical test before obtaining their driving license.

The following documents are necessary: 
  • Passport and valid visa
  • Four passport photos
  • A letter from a GP and an optometrist stating you are in good health
  • A report from a laboratory stating your blood type
  • A letter from your embassy stating your address in Egypt (must be translated into Arabic)

Visit the Ministry of the Interior for more information.


Public and private medical facilities and treatments are available in the country. However the standard of public healthcare is lower than private. Most Egyptians prefer going to private hospitals, although they can be costlier. Healthcare facilities can be found mainly in Cairo, while some in rural parts of the country. It is highly recommended to have comprehensive health insurance that can cover or reimburse and medical cost, treatment or evacuation.


Health Insurance


Allianz Egypt

Address: Business Park A, Building A1, Cairo Festival City, Ring Road, New Cairo, Egypt

Tel: +202 23223000

Fax: +202 23223001

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.allianz.com.eg




City Medical Clinic

Address: Hadaeq Al Ahram, Gate 4 (Mina), Cairo, Egypt

Tel: +20 23 8571 591

Cairo Medical Center

Cairo Medical Center is located in the pure & healthy weather that distinguish 6th October City, and considered as the biggest medical center in 6th of October city (12000 sqm2). Serving all surrounded cities (6 October, Fayoum and Giza); with a population of 15 million persons.

Address: Omar Ibn El Khattab St. Heliopolis Floor No. 5

Tel: +20 2 241 760 93

Website: www.cairomedicalcenter.com/index.php


Cleopatra Hospital

Address: 39 Cleopatra Street, Salah El Din Square, Helioplis, Cairo, Egypt

Tel: +20 2 414 3931

Fax: +20 2 417 8206

Website: www.cleopatrahospital.com/en/index.html


El Salam International Hospital

Address: Cornich El Nil, PO Box 338, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

Tel: +20 2 303 0501

Fax: +20 2 303 0140


Hawwa International/Egyptian British Hospital

Address: 25 Mohammed el Gaimini Street, Cairo, Egypt

Tel: +20 2 760 9258

Fax: +20 2 360 5195


Integrated Clinic

Established in 2001, the Integrated Clinic provides medical care in touristic regions in Egypt. Their clinics are located mainly in hotels and resorts along the Red Sea and South Sinai areas.

Address: 59 Abdelmonem Road, 10th Floor, Flat 32, El Mohandeseen, Cairo, Egypt

Email: [email protected]

Website: integrated-clinic.com/