Expat guide to San Marino, where to live, meet other expats or get your visa

San Marino

San Marino

San Marino is surrounded by Italy, this tiny republic shares foreign policies with the Italians. Expats may not see the difference between the two however, the history surrounding the establishment of this enclave. The Apennine Mountains serve as a beautiful backdrop to the calm and serene hilly country. If you’re stepping in the cobblestoned roads of San Marino, here are some bits of info for your move.

San Marino

Expat Clubs

There are no expat meet up clubs as such in San Marino and most expats communicate online through websites such as ExpatWoman.com.

International Schools 

There are no known schools in San Marino. Expats will have to look into schools in the surrounding country of Italy.

Local News in English


This is a news service in English that covers events and happenings in Italy and San Marino

Website: www.italica.sm

Country Information 

Location: Europe

Capital City: San Marino

Currency: Euro €

Language: Italian

Calling Code: +378

Internet TLD: .sm

Electricity: San Marino runs on 220V 50Hz.

Emergency Numbers:   

Ambulance: 118

Fire: 115

Police: 113


Country Information


Embassy Information


Residents Visa and Work Permit information

Tourists can, for the most part enter San Marino for up to 10 days with a Schengen visa or EU passport. However should they wish to stay for more than 10 days they will have to apply for a different visa and have the following documentation translated into Italian:
  • birth certificate;
  • application form
  • marriage certificate (if necessary);
  • police records;
  • three passport photos;
  • historical state of the family.

You must submit the documents to the Passport Office in San Marino.

A tourist permit is issued for up to 90 days and can be used for tourism, school or healthcare, however the healthcare you receive under this visa will be covered by you. You will have an opportunity to extend this visa for another 90 days. If you want to be a full time student in San Marino, you will need a study permit which is valid for a period of one year.  Your permit is conditional and based on your grades and attendance.

Expats who want to work in San Marino need to apply for a “special permit” which allows them seasonal or continuous work. It must be determined that the employer tried to find a suitable candidate in San Marino before this permit will be granted to an expatriate.

An expatriate can apply for a residence permit once she/he has lived in San Marino for 5 years.

More info on the unofficial Website of San Marino www.sanmarinosite.com/eng/residenza.html.


There are around 8,000 homes in San Marino. The government is really concerned with over construction in the region. There are many real estate agents that deal with the property market in the region. Depending on the type of housing you require, the rental prices can be moderate for European terms with rent for a one bedroom apartment being in the region of 600-800 Euros. There are many real estate companies working in San Marino that you can contact upon arrival.

Driving License

An international driving license is valid to drive legally in San Marino. However, the streets are narrow, and most roads are cobblestoned making driving conditions uneven. It will be easier to walk getting to places considering San Marino’s geographical size.


San Marino has a very high standard of healthcare; in fact it is one of the top 3 in Europe and in the top 36 worldwide. Healthcare is state funded, however expatriates are expected to pay for healthcare out of pocket which is why an international health insurance is highly recommended. Click here for detailed information on healthcare www.europe-cities.com/en/633/san_marino/health

The State Hospital

The state hospital specializes in Neurology.

Address:  Via La Toscana, Cailungo, 47893 B-5, San Marino.

Tel: + 378 0549 99 4302

Dr. L. Marinelli

Address: c/o Studio Legale e Notarile Lonfernini Anne Maria, Piazza M. Tini 12, Dogana, 47891, San Marino

Tel: + 378 0549 910 232