Guide to moving to Ecuador for expatriates



Ecuador’s is a well-known expat go-to place especially for retirees. It is hard to imagine why not, when the country is blessed with colonial heritage, the Amazon forest, and Andean mountain peaks as backdrops to a new life. If you’re on your way to this country, here’s some important information we’ve compiled to help you.


Expat Clubs

Experiment in International Living (EIL Ecuador)

The Experiment in International Living (EIL Ecuador) is a non-profit organization established in Ecuador in 1977 to encourage intercultural exchange among persons of different cultures, religions and ages.

Address: Hernando de la Cruz N31-37 y Mariana de Jesús, Quito-Ecuado

Tel: +593 2 2551937, +593 2 2906457, +593 2 2239429, +593 2 2233529, +593 2 2233528

Email: [email protected]


International Schools 

Alliance Academy International

The Alliance Academy International is a private Christian elementary and secondary school in Quito, Ecuador, with a curriculum based on the United States program of education.

Curriculum: American

Address: Casilla 17-11-06186, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 226 7510

Fax: +593 2 226 4350




American School of Guayaquil

The Colegio Americano de Guayaquil is a private non-profit, non-sectarian, bilingual and bicultural organization whose utmost interest is to fulfill the educational needs of its students.

Curriculum: International Baccalaureate

Address: Av. Juan Tanca Marengo Km. 6.5 y Av. Gómez Gould, P.O. BOX 09-01-752, Ecuador

Tel: +593 4 3082 020 ext. 210-211

Email: [email protected]



Colegio Menor San Francisco de Quito

Colegio Menor San Francisco de Quito is a private, bilingual school that was founded in 1995 and is affiliated with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito.

Curriculum: American, AP

Address: Vía a Santa Inés s/n, Cumbayá, Quito

Tel: +593 2 400 8100




Inter-American Academy Guayaquil


Tel: +593 4 371 3360

Fax: +593 4 371 3389



The British School Quito

The British School Quito is an autonomous, non-denominational and not for profit educational foundation.

Curriculum: English National Curriculum

Address: Via Cununyacu, Km 2.5 Tumbaco, P. O. Box 17-21-52, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 2374 649, +593 2 2374 650, +593 2 2374  651

Mobile: +593 9 970 7060

Email: [email protected]



Local News in English

Ecuador Times

This is an English-language news site that delivers local news, sports, entertainment, economics and the world.


Country Information 

Location: South America

Capital City: Quito

Other Important Cities:

Currency: US Dollar

Language: Spanish

Calling Code: +593

Internet TLD: .ec

Electricity: The country runs on 120V 60Hz. Ecuador makes use of hydro power.

Emergency Numbers: 911

Fire: 102

Police: 101

Country Information


Country Study

Embassy Information

Residents Visa and Work Permit information

Visitors from most countries may enter and stay in Ecuador for up to 90 days. Nationals from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Eritrea, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan and Somalia will have to obtain a visa from an Ecuadorian embassy or consulate.

For longer stays, expats will have to obtain a one of two long-term visas.A non-resident visa includes student visa, work visa, religious missionary and voluntary visa. A resident visa includes pensioners visa, investors visa, and work (indefinite contract) legal and religious. The Ministry of External Relations has a full details.


Rental prices in Ecuador are cheap. Places like Quito and Guayaquil are popular among expatriates. These areas have a good range of choices from apartments to houses. Retirees usually go to Cuenca and Mantina away from the bustle of the metropolitan cities.

Word-of-mouth is a good approach, finding rentals and at the same time letting others know you are looking. Searching through an Internet database will likely to yield a lot of information. Also, listings are usually advertised in classifieds, newspapers and notice boards.

A more pro-active approach is going round the city looking for the sign ‘se alquila’ or to let, and a phone number which is normally the landlord’s.

Driving License

It is recommended to have an international driving license in case of any issues or accidents. However, a domestic license will suffice except this is only good for 30 days, and after that, you will have to take a driving course to get an Ecuadorian license. For more information please visit:


The Ecuadorian health system is known for being cheap yet high quality. Many tourists take advantage of this, flying to the country to receive inexpensive treatments. There are public and private facilities, however expats prefer going to private hospitals. They are cheap and offers a higher standard of care than the public healthcare. It is still recommended to secure health insurance that can minimize the cost of medical treatments further.

Insurance Companies


BMI Companies

They provide solutions for the International community, with a high quality product portfolio in Life Insurance, Health Insurance with worldwide coverage, Disability Plans, Travel Assistance Plans and Investment Products. They work in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.

Address: 8950 SW 74th Ct., Miami, Florida 33156, USA

Tel: +1 305 443 2898

Fax: +1 305  442 8486

Email: [email protected]





Hospital de Clinicas Pichincha

This is a private institution located in the geographic center of Quito.

Address: Páez N22 - between 160 and Veintemilla Ramirez Davalos, Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 2998700

Fax: +593 2 2569797

Email: [email protected]



Hospital Vozandez

This is facility whose medical values are intertwined with spiritual values, offering a unique, holistic approach to health care. Their services include: Emergency, Hospital care, Operations, Specialty Clinics, Diagnostic Services, Administrative Services and more.

Address: Villaengua 267 y 10 de Agosto, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 245 140



Hospital Metropolitano

Address: Av. Mariana de Jesús s/n y Nicolás Arteta

Tel: 593 2 399 8000 ext. 2153

Toll Free: 1-800 hmetro (463876)

Fax: +593 2 226 9824



Clinica Pasteur

Address: Av Eloy Alfaro 552 and 9 de Octubre, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 234 004

Website (Spanish):


Clinica La Merced

Address: Mejia 830 y Cotopaxi, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 248 821


Clinica San Gabriel

Address: Rumipamba 1536 y Av. America, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 248 821


Clinica Santa Cecilia

Address: Ventimilia 1394, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 254 5602

Fax: +593 2 222 8814


Clinica Universitaria

Address: Pampite y Diego de Robles Circulo de Cumbaya, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 895 723, +593 2 894 185

Fax: +593 2 890 070


Conjunto Clínico Nacional Conclina C.A.

Address: Av. Mariana De Jesus y Nicolas Arieta, Ed. Hospital Metropolitano, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 3998 000