Expat guide to living in Peru, the healthcare system, visa application & more



Travelers in Peru will be surprised that they’re not alone. The country has multiculturalism at its core with expatriate employees running about the busy streets and crevices of this Latin American destination. The cultural mixture isn’t just a thing of the present, it’s part of the Peruvian heritage that draws from both Inca and Spanish roots seeped into the heart and history of the locals. Even the landscape is an eclectic mix of old and new from colonial Spanish promenades and spires to towering modern skyscrapers; Peru is one dynamic and vibrant place to live in. If you’re moving to Peru soon, check out the information below to help you picture your new adventure.

Peru Lima

Expat Clubs

The American and Canadian Association of Peru

The American and Canadian Association of Peru is an organization dedicated to affording American and Canadian citizens the opportunity to enjoy the culture and heritage of their native countries while enjoying and adapting to the customs and history of Peru.

Address: Av. Angamos Oeste 1155 Miraflores, Lima 18, Peru

Tel: +51 1 441 4545

Fax: +51 1 222 6359

Email: [email protected]

International Schools 

Cambridge College

This is a British Peruvian school for boys and girls. The school follows the Peruvian curriculum where required by law, but also offers a bilingual education according to the British system. In Primary school the following subjects are taught in English: maths, science, history, geography and English as a Second Language. These subjects are based on the U.K. National Curriculum requirements.

Curriculum: British

Address: Alameda de los Molinos 728 - 730, La Encantada de Villa, Chorrillos, Lima 9, Perú.

Tel: 254-0107, 254-0163, 254-0298

Fax: 254-0149

Website: www.cambridge.edu.pe  


Fleming College - The British International School of Trujillo

Fleming College is a bilingual, co-educational school serving students from 2 - 17 years old. Founded in 1990, Fleming has approximately 600 students who receive a mixture of British and Peruvian education.

Address: Av. America Sur 3701, 1310 Trujillo, Peru

Tel: +51 44 280395

Website: www.fleming.edu.pe/home.htm  


Newton College

Newton College is an Anglo-Peruvian, co-educational, bilingual, day school for students aged 2 to 18. The curriculum draws on the best of Peruvian and British educational systems and is based on the programmes of the International Baccalaureate Organisation and I.G.C.S.E. (Cambridge University).

Curriculum: International Baccalaureate

Address: Av. REcardo Elias Aparicio 240, Lima 12, Peru

Tel: +51 1 479 0460

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.newton.edu.pe


St Georges School

St. George's College provides a non-denominational, bilingual education in English and Spanish, based on a British international approach in its traditions and curriculum. The school's curriculum is based on the English national curriculum, the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and the school is in the process of being authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma as from March 2011.


Address: Av. Gral. Ernesto Montagne N° 360, Miraflores, Lima 18, Perú

Tel: +511 445-8147, +511 445-9932

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.sanjorge.edu.pe

Local News in English

Lima Post

Latest News in English from the World news network

Website: limapost.com


Peruvian Times

Providing News in English in Peru since 1908.

Website: www.peruviantimes.com  


Total Peru

Peru English News Blog

Website: news.totalperu.com

Country Information 

Location: South America

Capital City: Lima

Other Important Cities: Cuzco

Currency: Nuevo sol

Language: Spanish, Quechua

Calling Code: +51

Internet TLD: .pe

Electricity: Peru runs on 220V 60Hz.


Emergency Numbers:   

Ambulance: 117

Fire: 116

Police: 105

Country Information


Embassy Information


Residents Visa and Work Permit information

Nationals from certain countries including the North American territories, the EU, Australia and some in Asia may enter the country and stay for up 90 days. South American countries may enter with an ID card. Other countries will have to obtain a visa through a Peruvian embassy or consulate. The Peruvian Ministry of External Relations has a list of countries with their corresponding visa exemptions and regulations.

The general requirements for a visa in Peru are:
  • Form F007
  • Proof of Visa fee payment
  • Copy of passport, legalized by a Peruvian consulate

For expats opting for an extended stay, they will need a resident visa. This visa applies for foreigners seeking work, studies, religious missions, transience and investment.

For a workers residence permit, expats will need to submit the same general documents including a copy of work contract from a Peruvian company, legalized by a notary or authenticated by DIGEMIN, the Peruvian immigration authority. Expats would travel to Peru on a tourist visa, look for a job, and then apply for a work permit. For a detailed guide on how to obtain a worker's visa, click here>>


Expats in Peru are mostly concentrated in the bigger cities for employment opportunities, quality housing and cultural activities. The most preferred mode of accommodation is renting an apartment; houses are in short supply in the country. Rentals are usually unfurnished with cost of utilities separate from the rent. Furnished apartments are also available; however these would be considerably more expensive.

Lima is the most expensive of all the cities in Peru, with prices ranging between $380 to $620 per month for a single bedroom apartment. The city is very traditional despite the business atmosphere from commercial complexes and modern buildings.

A cheaper city to live in is Trujillo, with apartment rentals going as low as $133 per month. Just to the northwest of Peru, it’s a bustling city with a considerable number of residents. Cuzco is another economical city and enjoys an influx of tourists all year round.

The housing shortage has prompted many expats to seek out real estate agencies to facilitate the search. A popular site is Peru Inmobilaria: peru.inmobiliaria.com/lima/.

Rental contracts come in two types: the time-limited contract valid for up 10 years, and the indefinite contract where termination can be done by either parties provided a 30 day notice is given.

Driving License

Expats may use an international license to drive legally in Peru for a limited period of 6 months. After, they will have to obtain a Peruvian driving license. Obtaining this local license is easy and straightforward, requiring just a few documents. Expats will need to take medical exam and a psychological test through an approved center by the Ministry of Transport and Communication.

Documents required:
  • 2 carnet size photos
  • Copy and original passport and residence card

Applicants will then take a written test about the Peruvian traffic rules and regulations. Applicants who have less than 3 years of driving experience will have to take a practical test.


Public and private healthcare is available in Peru, however these are unevenly distributed across the country. Most of these facilities are in Lima. The quality of care is can be sub-standard in public hospitals with long waiting lines and underfunded system. Private healthcare provides better services.

Employed expats are eligible to avail the national insurance EsSalud, which is consequently funded by employers and expats’ minimal contributions. Nevertheless foreigners are advised to private insurances and seek private healthcare.


Insurance Companies

EsSalud Seguro Social de Salud del Peru

This is the national health insurance system funded by contributions from employers and employees.

Address: Av. Arenales 1402, Jesús María, Lima 11 – Perú

Website: www.essalud.gob.pe  


Rimac Internacional

Peruvian insurance and reinsurance company Rimac Seguros , part of local financial group Brescia, is the country's oldest insurance company.

Address: Av. Paseo de la República 3074, San Isidro, Peru

Tel: 51-1-4210555

Website: www.rimac.com.pe/wps/portal/rimac/inicio/seguros/personas


Peruvian insurance and reinsurance company.

Tel: 213-3333

Website: http://www.mapfre.com.pe/




Clinica Anglo Americana

In February 2013, the Clinic became the first and only health center in Peru, to obtain a comprehensive high-level international accreditation by the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, which certifies medical activities of the institution based on safe, quality patient care, a distinction that puts Peru in a list of the 5 countries with such certification in the South American continent. Today, Anglo American Clinic continues to innovate and lead the way for private medical care, thanks to its revolutionary technology and its professionals, committed to serve with quality and warmth.

Address: Avenida Alfredo Salazar, 3rd Block, San Isidro, Lima, Peru

Tel: +51 1 221 3656

Fax: +51 1 442 8274

Website: www.angloamericana.com.pe





Their brand new clinic has digitally optimized treatment rooms, each with state of the art dental technology including digital instant x-rays, in-chair entertainment and Cerec 3D CAD CAM one-appointment restorations.

Address: 355 Monterrey St, 4th Floor, Chacarilla, Lima-Perú

Tel: (+51) 1 202-2222 

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.perudental.com


Instituto de Salud del Nino

Address: Children's Hospital of Lima, Avenida Brasil 600, Brena, Lima 5, Peru

Tel: +51 1 424 1996

Fax: +51 1 425 1840


Instituto Oncologico de Lima

Address: Calle 22 No. 202 san Borja, Lima 41, Peru

Tel: +51 1 476 0823, + 51 1 475 7142

Fax: +51 1 225 7084


Corporacion Nacional de Angioplasta

Address: Sede Central Av. Miraflores, Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Tel: +51 1 225 3153

Fax: +51 1 225 1892


Travel Medicine & International Vaccination Center

Address: Centro de Medicina del Viajero & Vacunacion Internacional, Ciudad Universitaria - Universidad San Marcos, Ave. Venezuela cdra 34, Lima 1, Peru

Tel: +51 1 9805 3121