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Macedonia used to be part of the former Yugoslavia, before it became independant quite a number of years ago. The Macedonian people are a very friendly bunch and will invite you into their homes for coffee and a drink without any qualm. Expats are welcomed with interest and hospitability and most of the younger generation speak English very, very well. Here we have some great information for those of you who are soon to become expatriates in this beautiful, albeit small country.

Macedonia Fortress

Expat Clubs

There are no expat meet up clubs as such in Albania and most expats communicate online through websites such as

International Schools 

American School of Macedonia

A merican School Macedonia is the oldest American school in Macedonia, offering full-time education from Kindergarten through Grade 12. We are fully accredited through AdvancED, the world’s leading accrediting body, and in April 2013 we underwent our re-accreditation process, being subsequently re-accredited with flying colors!

Curriculum: American

Address: Nikola Parapunov bb, Skopje, Macedonia

Tel: +389 (0)2 3063 265

Email: [email protected]



NOVA International School

We educate, inspire, and develop young people to fully achieve their academic and personal potential and to become socially responsible and tolerant individuals who respect human diversity.

Address: Prashka 27 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Tel: (389 2) 3061-807; 3061-907

Fax: (389 2) 3076-299



QSI International School of Skopje

I International School of Skopje, is a private non-profit institution that opened in September of 1996 and offers a high quality education in the English language for elementary and secondary students. The warm and welcoming school community make it an ideal place to receive a quality education from QSI.

Address: Langusova 16, 1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: 386-1-200-7870 ♦

Fax: 386-1-200-7871

Email: [email protected]


Anglo American School

Welcome to the Anglo American School in Skopje. We are an independent day school, which offers an educational program from pre-kindergarten through grade 12 for students of all nationalites. The Anglo American School is a multucultural and international learning community. English and Macedonian are the languages of instruction.

Address: Str. Frederik Shopen 10 Skopje Macedonia

Tel: + 389 2 3 216 944

Email: [email protected]


Local News in English

Skopje Diem

Your guide in the city – and beyond. (Used to be a NATO Press Centre in Skopje.)


Country Information 

Location: Europe

Capital City: Skopje

Other Important Cities: Ohrid

Currency: Macedonian denar

Language: Macedonian, Albanian

Calling Code: +389

Internet TLD: .mk

Electricity: 220V 50Hz

Mepso AD

Email:  [email protected]


Emergency Numbers: 112


Country Information

Embassy Information

Residents Visa and Work Permit information

The best information for applying for a work visa


The accommodation in Macedonia might not be what you’re used to especially if you’re coming from the west. The types of housing available include apartments and houses, which can be single or double storey.

If you are looking at apartments the real estate pages you may see adverts for a one or two bedroom apartment, bedrooms are not defined in Macedonia as they are in the west. A one bedroom apartment refers to an apartment with an entrance hall, kitchen, bathroom and room. A lounge is not counted separately, thus if you are looking for a one bedroom apartment by western standards, you should look for one advertised as a two bedroom apartment. You may also come across an advert for a one and a half (jednoiposoban stan) bedroom apartment which refers to a larger kitchen, one where you can have a couch in, and an additional bedroom.

Houses can be found outside the city centre and are bigger than the apartments. You will usually find a large kitchen with a table where the family dines together and a separate lounge suite in a house. The bedrooms will be used only as bedrooms for the most part, however the older generations in the Balkans still prefer to sleep on fold out couches as opposed to beds. If you are getting a furnished house or apartment, be prepared for this.

Driving License

Visitors to Macedonia may use an International driving license while driving in Macedonia and the International driving license is valid for one year. Residents and those on a work permit should obtain a Macedonian license.

Test to obtain a driving license:
  • Theory test
  • Driving lessons
  • Preactical test
  • Fees


The healthcare standards in Macedonia are constantly improving and the state funded hospitals still provide free medical care to residents. Private medical care is also relatively inexpensive, however expats are encouraged to have a good insurance policy.


Acibadem Sistina

Our health care industry story began in 2001 when we opened “Mala Bogorodica-Sistina" Specialized Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynecology - a place where care for the reproductive women's health acquired a completely new dimension. The positive results we achieved in a completely new business segment, prove that regardless which area you invest in, it is the amount of love and dedication you put into a new project that determines the level of success. The moments of success, the days when the brand of "Sistina” gained broader recognition, lead to its capacity extension. Following the serious investment in the health care business, it became a Clinical Hospital, opening its doors to patients on 7 April 2010.

Address: Skupi 5A, Skopje

Tel: +389 2 3099 500

Email: [email protected]


Filip Btori

Address: Bul. Ilinden 113

Tel: 02/3091-500

Fax: 02/3091-499

Email: [email protected]




Address: 16-ta Makedonska brigada br.18, 1000 Skopje

Tel: +389 2 260 3100

Email: [email protected]