Guide to expat life in Argentina



Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world and second in Latin America, so there’s a lot of ground to cover, especially for expats. Here’s a handy guide to ease you through your expat firsts in this big country.

Plaza de Mayo Argentina

Expat Clubs

Buenos Aires Expats

This is a community site of expatriates living in Buenos Aires – a special place where people can get together, share experiences and help each other out. Eventually it will contain a comprehensive guide on moving and living in Argentina.


BUENOS AIRES International Newcomers

We are made up of over 250 English-speaking expatriates from over 30 countries.  We all reside in Buenos Aires and enjoy meeting new friends.  Whether you recently arrived or have been in Argentina for a while, we encourage your participation.  The group provides members the opportunity to meet other people in the community, participate in activities of your choice as well as enjoy informative and entertaining monthly meetings.


Expat Connection

Expat Connection is a group providing a range of social events that bring Expats and Argentines together in a relaxed environment.

Email: [email protected]


Gateway Argentina

Gateway Argentina was created to fill the need of a study abroad and Spanish learning programs in Buenos Aires that is dedicated to enriching its participant's experiences. The Gateway Argentina team knows what it means to be a foreigner living, studying or working in Argentina.

Tel: +54 11 43837706

Chat (MSN): [email protected]

Chat (Skype): info.dosmanos

Email: [email protected]


Mendoza Expats Club

The purpose of the Mendoza Expats Club is to bring together the international business community in the Cuyo region and provide a venue for non-Argentine executives, entrepreneurs and investors to meet, share information and coordinate business activities.

Address: 9 de Julio 1221, Segundo Piso, Mendoza 5500, Argentina

Tel: +54 261 524 9003

Email: [email protected]


Newcomers Clubs - Argentina

This is a directory of Newcomers' and Moms' clubs in Argentina, which are designed to give people the opportunity to meet and develop friendships with others who live in the area. Many of these groups have general meetings and interest groups which encourage members to learn about their new city, its culture, activities, lifestyle, and to develop friendships by sharing interests and hobbies with each other. Some of the different groups in the directory include Newcomers Club, American Women's Club and more.


International Schools 

Asociación Escuelas Lincoln

The school has been operating for over 70 years. They have a multi-national, highly qualified staff to engage their global student community.

Curriculum: American

Address: Andrés Ferreyra 4073, B1637 AOS La Lucila, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel: +54 11 4851 1700

Email (Admissions): [email protected]


Buenos Aires International Christian Academy

This school is well-suited for expat families who want to enrich their children’s academic life immersed in a Christian environment. They offer admissions from Pre-K to High School. The school is accredited by the Argentine Ministry of Education. They are also accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association of Christian Schools International in America.

Curriculum: American

Address: Address: Av. del Libertador 2170, San Fernando (1646), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tel: +54 11 4549 1300, +54 11 4549 1101, +54 11 4549 1131

Tel (US): +1 561 459 5262

Fax: +54 11 4549 1300 ext. 17


Local News in English

Buenos Aires Herald

Buenos Aires Herald’s news making history goes back to the 1870’s that continues today bringing the latest Argentine, Latin American and International news.


Country Information 

Location: South America

Capital City: Buenos Aires

Córdoba,  Rosario, Mendoza

Currency: Peso (ARS)

Language: Spanish

Calling Code: +54

Internet TLD: .ar


The electricity utility, its transmission and distribution are state-regulated in Argentina. The country runs on 220V 50Hz. Appropriate adapters are a must. There are two prominent electricity distributors: Pampa Energia and Edenor

Pampa Energia




Emergency Numbers:

Medical Emergency: 107

Fire: 100

Police: 101

Country Information

Country Study

Embassy Information 

Residents Visa and Work Permit information

Certain countries are exempt from the visa regulations in travelling to Argentina. US, Canadian and Australian nationals are also visa-free however they have to pay a reciprocity fee before they can travel to the country. Check with the Argentinian Embassy or consulate in your home or host country. There are different visas available for expats: Short-term, Temporary Residence and Permanent (for parents, children and spouses of Argentinian citizens)

Temporary Residence visas are required to work, study, investors, medical treatment, cultural exchange and retirement.

Documents for work visa

• Labour contract with the company or institution in Argentina

• Birth certificate, translated into Spanish by a certified translator

• Marital agreement, translated into Spanish by a certified translator

• Passport with a minimum validity of a year and half

• Three 4 x 4 Photos


Temporary and long-term accommodations are available for rent in Argentina for expats. These accommodations are also classified between furnished and unfurnished. It is also important to note that a third person guarantor will be required, which can be an Argentinian resident, your employer or a bank. Real estate agents are a good way to start looking for accommodations. Minimum rental period is 2 years.

If your stay in Argentina is shorter, there are short-term leases offered by real estates. Students also have the option of staying at residencias or hostels. Homestays are also available generally in the countryside.

Driving License

Visitors to Argentina will have to have an international driving permit, which they will be able to use for a period of one year. After a year all expats will be required to pass a local driving test and obtain an Argentinian license. Foreign drivers in Argentina must be over the age of 21. 

Road signs in Argentina are mostly in Spanish so brush up on the language prior to your travel.


Within Buenos Aires, medical facilities are up to standard, however this varies as you move away from the city. It is also advisable to get precautionary vaccinations before travelling to Argentina. The Ministry of Health provides Government-funded health service which is available free of cost for both citizens and foreigners. Identification documents will have to be presented in this case. Prescriptions are charged.

There are also private hospitals in the city. It is recommended to acquire a comprehensive insurance cover, as cash payments can be expected.

Insurance Companies

Allianz Argentina

This is a local branch of Allianz, providing personal insurances.

Address:  Av. Corrientes 299, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Tel: +810 222 2243, +810 222 3443

Email: [email protected]

Website (Spanish):

Allianz Global



Hospital Britanico

This 30,000 square meter facility houses modern medical technology, manned by professional medical staff and nurses. They offer a range of services such as a 24 hour Emergency Department, Short-stay and Outpatient units, Surgical Areas, Dialysis unit and more.

Address: Perdriel 74 - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Tel: +54 11 4309 6400


Hospital Alemán

Hospital Alemán is located at Av. Pueyrredon in Buenos Aires, providing an extensive list of medical services like an emergency centre, general surgery and many more. The hospital is one of the three largest health institutions in Latin America, with internationall trained staff and advanced technology. They also accept a number of foreign insurance.

Address: Av. Pueyrredón 1640 (C1118 AAT) Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel: +54 11 4827 7000

Fax: +54 11 4805 6087