Angola expat guide



Angola is one of the big players in the oil industry and has been employing expats for years now. We’re giving you the essentials, a heads up for your trip to help you get settled and enjoy this African country.

Angola Upapa Falls

Expat Clubs in Angola

Angola Field Group

Established in 2002. An informal organization open to expatriates, Angolans and anybody who wants to learn more about Angola. Based in Angola's capital, Luanda.

Address: The Viking Club, Rua Marien N’Guabi, No. 118 Maianga, Luanda.

Email: Henriette Koning [email protected]


Luanda British Women 

LBW (Luanda British Women) exists primarily to promote friendship amongst British women and women with particular British interests. It does this through social, cultural and other activities and exists to enable members to widen their knowledge and interest in Angola. Contact [email protected] or view our blog.

Email: [email protected]


International Schools in Angola

English School Community of Luanda Angola (ESCOLA)

ESCOLA is an interdenominational, independent school catering to learners in the medium of English. The formal curriculum, which is based on internationally recognised curricula, is offered from Pre-Primary to Grade 9. ESCOLA is a member of ISASA, the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa, and an ex-officio member of the CIS, based in Europe.

Curriculum: South African OBE

Address: Rua Cambambe 21-23, Bairro Patrice Lumumba, Luanda, Angola

Tel: +244 222 443416

Fax: +244 222 443326



Luanda International School

This school admits both primary and secondary schools. They are staffed with international teachers. The school has an active PTA that ensures the involvement of the parents in the learning process. The school offers three IB (International Baccalaureate) programs that transitions students smoothly from school to college.

Address: Luanda Sul, Município da Samba, Luanda, Angola

Tel: +244 932 337052, +244 932 337053, +244 932 337056, +244 932 337057

Fax: +244 222460782

Email: [email protected]


Lycee Alioune Blondin Beye

Curriculum: French

Address: Rua do Talatona - Caixa Postal 1566

Tel: + 244 222460752


Local News in English

Angola Press ANGOP

ANGOP stands for Agência Angola Press. It is public news company that gathers, process and distributes news stories from within Angola and the globe. Available in four languages: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.

Website: – Angola

This news site publishes stories from different organizations and institutions and individuals relevant to the Republic of Angola.


Country Information for Angola

Location:              Africa

Capital City:        Luanda

Other Important Cities:

Currency:            Kwanza (AOA)

Language:           Portuguese

Calling Code:      +244

Internet TLD:     .ao

Electricity: Angola makes extensive use of hydroelectric power, including other sources such as crude oil, natural gas and wind. The country runs on 220V 50Hz. Electricity is unreliable so a back-up generator is a must. Angola does not have a power grid; three independent systems that provide power to certain parts of the country, the Northern System being the largest serving Luanda. The biggest distributor of electricity is the state company Empresa Nacional de Electricidade (ENE).

Website (Portugese):

Emergency Numbers:

Ambulance: 118

Fire: 118

Police: 110

Embassy Information

Residency and Visa Information

Visas in Angola vary between short-term and long-term stays. These visas will have to be secured prior to travelling, which can be arrange through Angolan embassies of your country of origin. There are different types of visas available, depending on the length and purpose of your visit: Transit, Ordinary, Student, Privileged, Work, Temporary Stay, and Visa for Establishing Residence.

Documents for Work Visa (Other Sectors)
  • Letter from the contracting company requesting the visa, addressed to the Consular and Diplomatic Mission of Angola;
  • Form, front and back, duly completed in print or typed, in black ink and duly signed by the Beneficiary;
  • Statement pledging to respect Angolan laws;
  • Work contract or promise of employment;
  • Academic and professional certificates translated into Portuguese, authenticated by a notary and by the Consular and Diplomatic Mission of Angola;
  • Curriculum Vitae translated into Portuguese and duly authenticated;
  • Criminal Background Check, issued by the authorities of the country of origin or residence, translated and duly authenticated;
  • Medical certificate from the country of origin, translated and duly authenticated;
  • Opinion of the Ministry of Public Administration, Employment, and Social Security for public enterprises or institutions, and from the line agency for the activity in question for private enterprises and institutions;
  • Three recent, color passport-sized photos;
  • Photocopy of passport—the main pages and those containing information on migratory movements.
  • Photocopy of the permit for the authorized economic activity;
  • Photocopy of the Diário da República [Official Gazette of the Republic], publishing the by-laws of the company;
  • Photocopy of the permit for the authorized economic activity;
  • Current evidence of payment of tax obligations.

* Note: There are different requirements if you will work for National Reconstruction, Oil and Mining sectors. Please visit the Angolan Embassy to the U.S. site for these and other details:


For Portuguese speakers, please visit the Angolan Ministry of External Relations site: for further information.


Rental prices within the capital Luanda are steep as developers have concentrated in tapping the high-end market with lavish properties. There is also cases of overcrowding in the capital, with locals moving to Luanda for a better share of the job market. Large companies have opted to situate their expat employees in spacious, comfortable compounds located at the Luanda Sul area. This area is dotted with English-speaking International schools that made it popular with expat parents. Apartments are also popular with single expats. 

Driving License

In the wake of conflict, driving in Angola is not safe for inexperienced expatriates. Road conditions are bad in certain areas. It is more advisable to rely on the company provided transportation, which is more common, than set off on your own. Cars are expensive, though fuel is cheap. However, there are few petrol stations to go around so there is usually a long queue. Should you choose to drive, an international driver’s license and a local license from your home or host country is required. For further information please visit:


Angolan healthcare is below Western standards. Public healthcare cannot cope with the demand, so most turn to expensive private facilities. Expatriates are advised to secure for overseas medical insurances that also cover emergency evacuation costs. Vaccinations for malaria and yellow fever should also be arranged. Although facilities in Luanda are available, sanitation, water and electricity disruptions can cause problems. Most foreigners travel outside Angola to seek treatment for delicate and complicated cases.


Insurance Companies

Cigna Global Health Options

Cigna provides international insurance coverage for expats. International medical evacuation is also available in cases where emergency treatment must be sought outside of the host country.



Medical Rescue International – Angola (MRI)

They specialize in medical emergencies within Angola and the African region.

Address: Rua Eduardo Mondlane N ° 41-43, Maianga, Luanda, Angola

Tel (Local): +222 336555,  222 339947, +222 339918, +222 391946

Tel (International): +244 222 336555, +244 222 339947, +244 222 339918, +244 222 391946

Fax: +222 339950, +244 222 339950

Email: [email protected]





This is private hospital that offers both In Patient and Out Patient services in a broad range of medical disciplines. These include Obstetrics, Gynecology, Internal Medicine, and a host of surgical expertise. It’s located next to Sagrada Familia Square, in Rua Salvador Allende.

Address: Rua Albano Machado, nº 29 e 31, Luanda, Angola

Tel: +244 222 371 098, +244 222 371 105, +244 222 371 233, +244 222 371 335

Fax: +244 222 371 516

Email: [email protected]



Clinica Girassol

The facility offers outpatient, emergency and maternity care. They also have specialties, oncology diagnostic services. They work with several health plans and insurances.

Address: Rua Comandante Gika, N° 225, Bairro Alvalade, Município da Maianga. Luanda, Angola

Tel: +244 226 698416,  +226 698415

Email: [email protected]