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Rwanda’s extraordinary hilly geographical location provides its residents stunning views of the entire landscape. Called the Le Pay des Milles Collines, Land of a Thousand Hills, the panoramic views from every angle of Rwanda has been the talk of expats who’ve experience a 360 degree immersion. Etched in its history are the gruesome events of 1994 perhaps permanently in the minds and consciousness of the locals. However, the country remains resilient and determined to get back up. Although trouble rages in the surrounding territories, rendering travel hazardous, those who do seek to experience Rwanda will find an iridescent place full of vibrant people and culture.

Rwanda Kigali

Expat Clubs

Rwanda Women Network

Rwanda Women’s Network (RWN) is a national humanitarian non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to promotion and improvement of the socio-economic welfare of women in Rwanda since coming to being in 1997. Over time, the organization has dedicated its efforts to strategies that empower women and has extensive experience in fostering women’s participation and grassroots responses to community challenges. To date, RWN works with various local and international partners, and plays a capacity building and facilitating role to a network of over 52 grassroots associations across the country.

Address: Po Box : 3157 KIGALI RWANDA

Tel: +(250) 252583662

Fax:+(250) 252583662

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.rwandawomennetwork.org


Young Women’s Christian Association of Rwanda YWCA

The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of Rwanda is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that works at the grass roots level. It is a membership organization for women and young girls. It was established following the genocide and in response to the rising concern for the many widows and children left in its wake. The organisation became affiliated to the World YWCA movement in 1999 and was legally recognized by the Rwandan government in September 2005. YWCA Rwanda currently works across 8 districts in Rwanda.

Address: P.O. Box 48 KIGALI

Tel: +250 788484514

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Website: www.ywcaofrwanda.org

International Schools 

International School of Kigali

ISKR is a young, dynamic school which is just entering its fifth year of existence. The school was born out the desire for an international school that delivers a high-quality education to students residing in Kigali. The curriculum delivered at ISKR is based on an American-styled approach, utilizing international best practices. A full program is offered that includes studies in art, foreign language, physical education, and many other co-curricular classes.  In 2013-14, ISKR began offering the prestigious Advanced Placement (AP) program for the very first time.

Curriculum: American

Address: B.P. 6217, Kigali, Rwanda

Tel: +250-786-725-369

Email: [email protected]

Website: iskr.org


Hagos International School Rwanda Campus

HIS is a private international school established for the children of the international community as well as local families to offer the best educational opportunity with a structured curriculum and affordable school fees in a good and healthy environment.



Tel: 0784-577-880

Website: www.hagosinternationalschool.com


Riviera High School

Riviera High School is a secondary school for boys and girls and takes boarding students only. The age range is from 10 to 20 years old. The school lies some 20 kilometers East of Kigali city centre at Kabuga, on the road to Kayonza, in a scenic, hilly setting on 30 acres of landscaped private grounds. This clean, beautiful and secure location provides an ideal environment for the education and welfare of teenage students.

Curriculum: IGCSE, Rwandan

Address: P.O. Box 868, Kigali, Rwanda

Tel: +250 788 837 311

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.rivierahighschool.org


The Earth School Rwanda

The Earth School is a private preschool and elementary education program serving children ages 2 to 12 in Kigali, Rwanda.


Address: KG54 Street, Kacyiru, Kigali, Rwanda

Tel: +250 725 479 135

Website: www.theearthschoolafrica.com/

Local News in English

The New Times Rwanda

Daily newspaper with an online edition which concentrates on national and local news.

Website: www.newtimes.co.rw


The Rwandan

The Rwandan is an English news site that brings up-to-date coverage of local, regional and world news, sports and opinion.

Website: www.therwandan.com

Country Information 

Location: Africa

Capital City: Kigali

Currency: Rwandan franc

Language: French, English, Kinyarwanda

Calling Code: +250

Internet TLD: .rw

Electricity: Rwanda runs on 230V 50Hz. Electricity is provided by EWSA.

Address: KN 82 st 3, PO Box 537 Kigali, RWANDA

Tel: + (250) (0)252573666


Fax: + (250) (0)252573802

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.ewsa.rw


Emergency Numbers:   

Fire: 08311120

Police: 311

Traffic Police: 08311115, 08311114

Country Information


Embassy Information


Residents Visa and Work Permit information

There are 13 countries given visa free access to Rwanda for up to 90 days. These are: Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Germany, Hong Kong, Kenya, Mauritius, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom and the United States. Most African states may obtain visa on arrival. Other countries will have to apply for a visa at a Rwandan embassy or consulate in their home or host country.

Under tourist visa, there are different classes: tourist, family, official diplomat, job search, conference, business, medical treatment, group tourist, itinerant business person, brining, and East Africa tourist visa. The Rwandan immigration and emigration authority has set up an online portal for visa applications: www.migration.gov.rw/index.php?id=203


There are two types of permits, temporary and permanent permits. Temporary permits have different classes for different purposes including Specific Employment by Specific Employer. This type of permit is further classified into:
  • Skilled worker on an occupation on demand
  • Skilled worker sponsored
  • Journalist or media representative
  • Semi skilled or artisans
  • International Organization staff

Each of these have different document requirements and instructions. For further information please visit the Rwanda Directorate of Immigration and Emigration site on permits>>


For expats, the capital Kigali is the first choice, as most facilities and diplomatic missions are located here. Apart from that, accommodations here are homey. The city is spread across a hill providing scenic panoramic views, which will definitely win expats over. Living in Rwanda, specifically in the capital is not cheap, but not overtly expensive either.

Apartment rentals average at $498 to $597 per month, for a single bedroom unit. It is also possible to cut down cost by looking for shared accommodation. For expats, accommodation allowance is almost always part of the package.

The more expensive area is Kacyiru, the area where the US embassy is. There are a lot of NGOs in this part of Kigali, and the rent prices are steep.

Kanombe is a cheap place to live in. it’s an up and coming residential area, which is close to the airport; the noise pollution turns off most expats.

Another residential area is Kibagabaga. The area has a lot of houses and offices for rent, however it’s far from a lot of convenient amenities.

Hillside villas and modern houses are found in Kicukiro, although not a lot of expats live here. It’s cheaper than most towns however, and has shopping complexes for a convenient grocery run.

The more popular area for expats in Kigali is Kimihurura. This area is the geographical center of Kigali. The houses here are beautiful, meaning pricey. But it’s possible to find shared accommodations. 

Driving License

Expats may use an international driving license to drive legally in Rwanda for up to three months. Beyond this term, they will have to obtain a Rwandan license. Alternatively, expats holding a foreign license may exchange it for a Rwandan license through the Rwanda National Police Traffic Unit.

Documents required:
  • Letter to the commissioner general of police, stating request
  • Supporting document; visa, passport, other identification
  • Copy of foreign license
  • Receipt of 50,000 Rfw (fee)

For more information please visit: www.police.gov.rw/about-rnp/frequently-asked-questions


The state of healthcare facilities and services in Rwanda are poor. Hospitals are able to treat basic, routine cases but for extreme and complicated cases and treatments, medical evacuation to South Africa is done by expats. It is important that expats secure health insurance that can cover or reimburse the cost of medical evacuation as this is expensive.


Insurance Companies

MSH International ASFE

For twenty years, ASFE has designed and managed international healthcare insurance solutions for all mobile individuals:
  • Expatriates living abroad alone or with their families,
  • Students, interns and young people with "Working Holiday Visas",
  • Self-employed persons or company employees,
  • Seniors.

Website: www.asfe-expat.com




King Faisal Hospital

King Faisal Hospital Kigali located in Kigali, Rwanda is one the preferred multidisciplinary specialist Hospital in the region with a prominent group of medical specialists complimenting the excellent facilities and professional nursing staff offered by the hospital. This led to gradual and substantial increase of local and international patients seeking treatment from the Hospital.

Address: P.O. Box 2534, Kigali, Rwanda

Tel: +250 582 421, +250 (0)585 397, +250 (0)585 397

Fax: +250 583 203

Website: kfh.rw


Kibogora Hospital

Kibogora Hospital is a rural hospital of 269 beds, located in southwest Rwanda on the shores of Lake Kivu. It serves a population of approximately 250,000 people. Kibogora is also a referral centre for 12 outlying health centres. The hospital provides surgical, general medical, paediatric,  maternity and neonatal services, with an extremely busy outpatient department. The support facilities include X- ray. laboratory, HIV/Aids testing, treatment facilities, dentistry, opthalmology, physiotherapy and family planning clinics.

Address: 31 Jepps Avenue, Barton, Preston, Lancs.

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.kibogora.org/the-hospital/

Centre Hospitalier de Kigali CHK

The Kigali Hospital Center (CHK) was built in 1918. In 1928, it began to work as health center. It is one of the referral hospitals of the country with a capacity of 429 beds.

Address: B.P. 655, Kigali, Rwanda

Tel: +250 575 555

Website: chk.org.rw


Polyclinique du Plateau

Address: Boulevard de la Revolution, Kigali, Rwanda

Tel: +250 578 767, +250 (0)0830 1630

Fax: +250 572 125