Nauru guide for expats living in and relocating



Formerly known as ‘Pleasant Island’, Nauru’s past riches grew thanks to the phosphate deposits unearthed back in the 1900. This resource shot the tiny island into infamy. But resources can only last so much, Nauru’s quick ascent met also an even quicker descent. However tragic the waning spotlight, Nauru’s tiny resolve stood its ground; the country still had its sparkling clear waters and breathtaking sceneries to offer would-be-wanders and indulgent tourists .Taking a trip down to the Pacific islands? Check out our Nauru guide to get you up to speed.


Expat Clubs

There are no expat meet up clubs as such in Nauru and most expats communicate online through websites such as

International Schools 

According to the Nauru Government, Education Department, these are the available institutions in the country. However there is little information related to them.
  • 4 Infant schools.
  • 3 primary schools (including the Catholic school).
  • 2 secondary level schools (Nauru Secondary School and Nauru College).
  • 1 school for the able/disabled.


Nauru Secondary School

Address: Sunset Drive, Yaren District, Nauru



Given the geographical size of the country, educational facilities are not numerous. It is common for parents to send their children to neighboring countries

  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Local News in English

ABC Radio Australia – Nauru

This is a news web page dedicated to news relevant to Nauru.


Country Information 

Location: Pacific

Capital City: Yaren (No Official Capital)

Currency: Australian Dollar

Language: Nauru

Calling Code: +674

Internet TLD: .nr

Electricity: The island runs on 240V 50Hz. Electricity is provided by the Nauru Utilities Authority.

Emergency Numbers:

Ambulance: 111

Fire: 112

Police: 110

Country Information   

Embassy Information

Do you need to find your local embassy in Nauru? We found this website really useful, it lists all the embassies...

Residents Visa and Work Permit information

Nationals from these countries may enter and stay in Nauru visa-free: South Korea, 14 days; Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Taiwan and Tuvalu, 30 days. Meanwhile nationals from countries including the UK and Australia may obtain a visa on arrival, provided proof of accommodation, and tourist travel can be produced. For other nationals not included in the exemption and provisions, they will have to obtain a visa from a Nauruan embassy or consulate, or an Australian consulate.

The only visa available to visit Nauru is a tourist visa, which is valid for up to 30 days.  This costs about 100 Australian dollars. 


Hotel accommodation is the only option available for foreigners travelling to Nauru, since there are no legal provisions for extended stays beyond 30 days. The two hotels are, Od’n Aiwo Hotel, which is the less expensive one. Menen Hotel, is the largest, and pricier.

Od’n Aiwo Hotel

Address: PO Box 299, Aiwo District, Nauru

Tel: +674 444 3701

Price: US$ 40 to $80


Menen Hotel

Address: PO Box 299, Anibare District

Tel: +674 444 3300

Price: US$80 +

Driving License

Expats may use their domestic driving license, which must be in English or at least in Roman characters, or an international license to drive legally in Nauru. Driving should be done with caution, as stray animals and pedestrians stray close to roadways. The maximum speed limit is 30 miles/hour. Driving is on the left. Car rentals are available through the hotels. 


Medical facilities are limited in the island. These are however adequate for routine treatments, however they can be below standards. Emergency services and medication are also limited. Upfront charges and payment is to be expected; medical evacuation is the most viable option for more serious cases. It is therefore highly advised that expats secure a comprehensive medical insurance that can cover or reimburse the cost of treatments including expensive evacuation and repatriation.

Insurance Companies

Pacific Prime – Nauru Medical Insurance

Pacific Prime is an insurance advisor that offers local insurance solutions and a wide range of health plans and cover for individuals and families.



Cigna Global Health Options

Cigna Global Health Options specialise in providing expatriate health plans that are designed to give comprehensive overseas medical cover for people who are living and working abroad. They provide medical evacuation insurance cover.




Nauru Government Hospital

Address: Yaren, Deing District, Nauru

Tel: +674 555 4303

Fax: +674 555 4254


Nauru Phosphate Corporation Hospital

Address: Denig District, Nauru

Tel: +674 555 4154