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Mail Delivery in Baku

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18 November 2013

Last updated on 27 June 2017
 Mail Delivery in Baku

Azərpoçt is the company responsible for postal service in Azerbaijan.

 Mail Delivery in Baku

Azərpoçt was founded on 29 September 1999 by the Ministry of Communication of Azerbaijan, by order "Number 151" titled "On continuation of reforms and improvement of a structure in post communication field". It replaced the previous "Azərpoçt İstehsalat Birliyi" (Azerpost Production Union) which had been created following the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Azərpoçt became the national postal operator in 2004, and covers all territories of Azerbaijan.

Azərpoçt has 4 affiliated branches. These are sorting and technical support services, express mail and special communication. Azərpoçt itself has 71 branches. These provide postal services and some commercial services to customers through the post offices. There are about 1,500 post offices of Azərpoçt. They are under the supervision of the branches and primarily provide postal services.

Receiving and sending of small packets

In small packets are sent unbroken things with gift features. Packaging of small packets must appropirate its feature and protect to injure. The total amount of things which placed in small packets must not exceed 30 SDR. At that case, the exchange of SDR is defined accurately by representative bank. Sender fills a blank F.CN 22 "Customs label" for each small packet. Sender may fill F.CN 23 "Customs declaration" in the number which indicated in “List of countries” and “Guide” instead of F.CN 22 "Customs label". The custom declaration is filled in three copies when a small packet is sent to the country which is not indicated in “Guide”. In Custom declaration is shown a surname and full address of a receiver, country of destination, name, weight and price of each sending items, as well as address and surname of sender. It is not allowed to indicate things with common names (haberdashery, parfumery and etc.). Custom declaration is written in Azeri and language of country of destination with translation in bottom line in latin alphabet and arabic numerals.

Subscription and selling of periodicals
In post offices are provided subscribtion services for periodicals and conducted registration of periodicals for each subscriber in accordance with service area of post offices. In accordance with held registration, periodicals are delivered at the issued day. At the same time, post offices sell periodicals to customers.

Receiving and sending of wrappers
It is allowed to send blanks, slogans, books, albums, “books for blinds” and unvalued things for sender in wrappers. Depending on features of sending items that are sent in wrappers and weight is up to 500 gr. are placed into case, box, envelope, polyethylene box, or tied with paper or other fillets. Things placed in wrappers can be rolled as a tube, but in this case the wrapper are placed into stick if the length is over 45 sm.

Express mail services
Express mail services are processed and delivered more speedy among physical postal items. This service is provided by “Azerexpresspost” communication enterprise of “Azerpost” SE. In spite of the fact that, there are about 15 private express postal operators, “Azerexpresspost” communication enterprise prevails more times its competitors for low cost services and covering all territory of the country. Express mail service is one of the developed services of “Azerpost” SE. “Azereksprespocht’ communication enterprise was awarded the gold level certificates for quality of provided services for 2005 and 2006 by EMS Cooperative of UPU.

Telegraph services
According to principles of telegraph communication, domestic and international telegram services are carried out by post offices receiving, sending and delivering information from people, enterprise, company and office in the telegram form, regulating authorities of senders and receivers, keeping confidentiality of correspondence and information.

Telegraph service is one of the ancient services of “Azerpost” SE. Over 100 years, people send information speedy by telegraph. Development of technique and technology has not reduced importance of telegraph communication. By this service, you can send desired information to desired person in short time.

Special communication services
Special communication services consist of courier, postal courier communication and special postal services.

Selling of public postal payment symbols
Public postal payment symbols are used largely in the country to pay a cost of postal services as one of the payment means. State postal payment symbols include postal stamps, postal marks printed on the envelopes and postal cards, picture of the marked machine which is equal to the state postal payment. According to the clause 12.2. of law “On post communication” persons engaged in falsification of the state postal payment symbols take responsibility in accordance with the legislation of Azerbaijan Republic. Postal stamps, postal marks printed on the envelopes, picture of the marked machine which is equal to the state postal payment symbols are printed by “Azermarka” Company of the Ministry of Communication and IT.

Receiving and sending of letters
In letters are sent different type of information, photos and other similar things. Simple letters in standard envelopes and postcards have to be dropped into post boxes. Letters in non-standard envelopes may dropped into post boxes which placed in the hall of post office for customer or presented to post office. Letters officialized in markering machine and all registered items has to be presented at post office.
Receipt are given to customer when received registered mail. If item is sent with notice, it is indicated “With Notice” in the line of “Special note”. When received registered mail with note of “Present personally” or “Call-up paper” it has to be made proper note in the receipt. Paid amound must be shown in the empty space of receipt if sender required.

Receiving and sending of parcels
In parcels are sent civilized-life items and production oriented things, food (except meat, fish, butter, sausage, chicken and etc. food which rotten in short time), natural plants, bees, medicines and etc.

Method of packaging are chosen by sender. But in this case, packaging must appropirate features of packaged goods, length, sending condition. Packaged goods must not injured, not rotten other items.

Source: - official postal website