Animal Organisations in Baku |

Animal Organisations in Baku

If you're looking for an animal organisation in Azerbaijan, here's a list of some that might help you out.

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18 November 2013

Last updated on 17 December 2017
Animal Organisations in Baku

There are several government and private animal rescue centers in Azerbaijan that specialise in the re-homing and fostering services of animals that have been abandoned. These centers are always in need of donations and volunteers so even if you are not a pet owner you could donate time, money or pet food in order to assist these organisations with their work.

Azerbaijan Animal Rescue Centre

Azerbaijan Animal Rescue Center (AARC) was established in 2009. The main purpose of establishing the Center is to contribute to the control of homeless pets and development of animal care culture in Azerbaijan.

Almost every day we come across with homeless pets. In many cases homeless pets become a real source of danger for you and kids, because of several animal diseases and lack of care. Our activities mainly cover increasing awareness and assistance for you in this sphere. AARC will help you not to panic while coming across with homeless dogs and cats.
Our state of art first-aid ambulances will arrive upon a call and take the sick pets, conduct medical check-up by local and international veterinarians, cure and return them in totally safe and healthy conditions.

Location: Baku-Shemakha Highway 15 Km, Baku
Tel: (050) 355 17 17 / (055) 355 17 17
Email: [email protected]

Azerbaijan Society for the Protection of Animals

ASPA are wide communications with the international organizations of animal's welfare, it is protection of animal's rights not only in Azerbaijan, but also all over the world, these are open doors for cooperation.
To bring up the population in spirit of mercy to animals and cares of their welfare, irrespective of value of a kind - for the sake of this sacred mission and the Azerbaijan Society of Protection of Animals was created.

Location: Fizuli street.53 app. 96.
Tel: (050) 312 5089 or (94412) 975781
Email: [email protected]


Baku PAWS exists to relieve suffering of companion animals (cats and dogs) in the city of Baku. They believe that no companion animal should suffer the pain of hunger, abuse or illness. Baku Paws is an NGO which helps stray animals and promotes animal welfare in the region. The organisation welcomes volunteers.

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Caspian Cat Club

The Caspian Cat Club is a group of cat enthusiasts who can assist with all things feline related.

Tel: (051) 992 10 96 / (055) 521 01 77
Email: [email protected]

Friends Group

The Friends Group helps homeless animals and aims to contribute to drafting law on animal protection in Azerbaijan. It organises charitable events, welcomes volunteers and accepts donations.

Email: [email protected]

Kennel Union

The main objectives of KURA is development of civilized dog fan’s community in our country, bringing the latest updates, international experience and regulations, modern techniques and methods to Azeri dag breeders and trainers, dog fans and owners. One of first duties is systematization and ordering a dog breeding and selection in Azerbaijan. According to this goal KURA implemented a computer data base with pedigrees of all pure breed dogs entered in KURA stud books, work on inherited diseases and congenital syndromes of dogs, breed allowance tests and trials, hip and elbow dysplasia investigations etc.

Address: 57/2, Nobel Avenue, Baku
Tel: (012) 480 35 92 / (012) 480 35 32
Email: [email protected]