Car Registration in Azerbaijan |

Car Registration in Azerbaijan

In order to register your car in Baku you will need the following documents and follow these procedures

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18 November 2013

Last updated on 27 June 2017
Car Registration in Azerbaijan

Legal and natural persons should make their vehicles be registered at the bodies realizing registration of vehicles by a legal address and a place of residence:

1) within ten days since its procurement;
2) within ten days since changing of natural person's place of residence and legal person's location;
3) within ten days since accepting vehicles as a pledge;
4) within ten days since accomplishment of customs legalization when brought from foreign countries;
5) within ten days since altering vehicle engine, body and chassis numbers or emergence of other cases requiring change of registration data.

When registering the car for the first time the car’s owner has to make an appointment with the State Traffic Department:

At: 4 Khirdalan-Binagadi Highway, Baku
Tel: (012) 590 81 25 / (012) 590 81 35
Fax: (012) 498 02 17
Email: [email protected]

Both the buyer and seller must be present in order for the vehicle to be registered.

Passport – Translated into Azerbaijani and notorised
Residence registration or ID card
Driving license
Car’s service records
Document proving ownership of the vehicle
Cofirmation of payment for the vehicle

Technical check up fee and license plate fees have to be paid upon registration.

A vehicle needs a new registration when the owner changes, when the owner’s address changes or when the car is technically modified.

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