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Driving in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is in the process of developing their roads, however it is taking a while meaning that the roads are poor quality.

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18 November 2013

Last updated on 27 June 2017
Driving in Azerbaijan

The roads in Azerbaijan are being rebuilt but the process is slow and the result is that many of the roads are of poor quality and badly lit. As a driver you may encounter sink holes, potholes and debris and should be extra careful when driving at night. Furthermore the drivers of Azerbaijan can be erratic, ignoring signage such as one way lane markings. They drive at high speeds and the accident rate is high and often serious. Be aware of your surroundings when driving in Azerbaijan as road closures and diversions are poorly signposted, if at all. Be aware of the traffic lights, especially at night as they are often changed to blink amber, which means that both sides can proceed with caution.

Traffic police are present on the roads of Azerbaijan and traffic laws are enforced, inconsistently at times. It is best to have all your documentation with you if you are driving in Azerbaijan. Drink driving laws are strict and there is a zero limit on drinking alcohol and driving.

There are a list of items you should always have on your person when driving in Azerbaijan, this is for your safety and also for a hassle free drive should you get pulled over. Have you driving license (GB or EU) or International driving permit at hand. Also keep your passport and visa with you in case of spot checks. Also ensure that you have the vehicle registration and car insurance. The safety equipment that you have to have is a warning triangle, a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.

In the winter months snowfall often causes problems. Keep a blanket, shovel, torch, snacks and old carpet or cat litter (to help if you get stuck in snow) if you intend to travel out of Baku in the winter months, or if heavy snowfall is forecast in Baku.