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Exchanging a Foreign Driving License

New arrivals can use their driving license for up to a year but once that period is up they must apply for a Azeri license.

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18 November 2013

Last updated on 27 June 2017
 Exchanging a Foreign Driving License

An expat in Azerbaijan can drive on their driving license for a period of one year, however that driving license must be translated into Azeri and notarized. Always keep both documents with you when driving. After one year if the expatriate plans on staying in Azerbaijan he/she must apply for a new driving license in Azerbaijan.

The application must be made at the State Traffic Department with the following documents:

- Original driving license
- Passport – translated and the translation notarized
- Medical Certificate

Expats have to undergo a medical examination before taking the theory and practical driving tests. The tests are taken at the State Traffic Department.

The State Traffic Department
Tel: (012) 342 32 82
FAX: (012) 498 02 17
Email: [email protected]