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3 Healthy Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives To Give You A Morning Boost

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21 May 2017

3 Healthy Vegan Milk Alternatives To Dairy

For those who’ve grown up hating the idea of drinking full-fat dairy milk — we feel (and share) your pain. Allergies, acne, oily skin and lactose intolerance, the dairy-struggle is REAL.

While dairy milk is an excellent source of calcium and protein, it also comes with some serious calories and side-effects, especially for adults.

Thankfully, there are now tonnes of vegan milk choices to dip your cereals in. Non-dairy milk options are on the rise as health-conscious people are opting for ultra-healthy, satisfying plant foods.

5 Best Sugar Substitutes

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15 May 2017

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 Best Sugar Substitutes

Even though the harmful effects of sugar are well known, most people find it extremely challenging to give up sugar. Studies all over the world have time and again shown that sugar can be as addictive as cocaine.

Sugar activates the reward centre in our brain much the same way that drugs do and provokes similar cravings and withdrawal symptoms. So what is one to do?

5 Healthy & Addictive Snacks For Your Office Drawer

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18 January 2017

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Do you tend to have cravings while chained to your work desk? We feel you! Here's some snack ideas that keep the cravings away, and the calories low...

Whoever says they don’t have a guilt-filled snack stashed in their desk probably doesn’t like you and doesn’t want to share it with you. Let’s admit it, mindless munching is a universally satisfying experience that usually leads to gradual weight gain, digestive issues, stress and a day full of self-critical thoughts.

But hey, it’s not all your fault.