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7 Meatlicious Lamb Recipes To Make This Eid

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17 August 2017

7 Satisfying Lamb Recipes To Make This Eid

Nobody eats lamb better than Arabs. If you need proof, just visit an Arab family this Eid Al Adha and you’ll find every meaty and juicy part of lamb chopped, cooked and garnished in hundred different mouth-watering ways.

From Lamb shanks dipped in sweet and tangy pomegranate sauce to slow-cooked juicy gravy with rice – you’ll be amazed at how they can turn this exotic meat into dishes SO filling and heavy, you’ll stay full for couple of next days.

This Middle Eastern Dessert Is The Answer To Your Cheesiest Dreams

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3 June 2017

Kunafeh recipe

If the image of anything cheese-meltingly sweet makes you want to dance then get your grooves on, you’re in for a roll.

Say hello to Middle East’s cheesecake — kanafeh. A sweet, rich, crunchy and creamy cheese pastry soaked in sweet sugary syrup. Also referred to as kunafeh, kunafah, konafa or kanafeh (it’s all the same), this heavenly pastry is traditionally made of semolina, butter, palm oil.

This Is How You Eat Pancakes In Ramadan - Middle Eastern Style

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28 May 2017

Atayef recipes

If you’ve lived anywhere in the Middle East, you probably know what we’re talking about, if not then you’re in for a sweet savoury surprise, normally referred to as atayef.

Atayef is the Middle East’s version of the pancake and that’s just the beginning of what this dish is all about. These thin, lacy and stuffed delicacies represent the holy month of Ramadan like no other.

Why Camel Milk is Great For You

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2 May 2016

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Normally used for lugging weight from one place to another, the camel has many benefits, making it a valued member of the Middle Eastern society.


With their ability to work through the tough weather conditions, and days without food or water, camels are unique in the way that they can continue a task through the harshest of circumstances.

Camels have a long history with mankind that dates back to thousands of years ago.