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7 Ways That Going Vegetarian Could Boost Your Health

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12 February 2022

7 Ways That Going Vegetarian Could Boost Your Health

Increasing numbers of people in the world are going vegetarian.

But while many choose to cut out meat for moral and environmental reasons, some are turning towards a veg-based diet to bolster their health.

It’s not actually necessary to eat meat to get all the nutrients needed for good health, and because vegetarians tend to eat more plant-based foods, they often enjoy a diet lower in calories, saturated fat and cholesterol.

5 Easy Ways to Get More Protein Into Your Diet (Without Eating Meat)

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10 February 2022

Vegan protein sources

High-protein diets are everywhere right now.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, model Emily Ratajkowski and actress Kate Upton have all counted a high-fat ketogenic diet, rich in protein, as one of the ways to keep their famous figures in shape.

As well as aiding weight loss and helping to build lean muscle, eating protein is pretty important for your health: it can help you to feel more energetic and fuller for longer, as well as supporting bone health and assisting hormone production.

These Are The World’s 6 Most Vegan-Friendly Cities

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12 March 2020

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These Are The World’s 6 Most Vegan-Friendly Cities

It’s surely the most pervasive problem facing vegan-kind – how and where to go out to eat?

Fortunately for plant-munchers everywhere, a new study by vegan restaurant guide HappyCow has identified the best cities in which to be vegan, ranking them by number, density, and quality of vegan outlets.

Here are their top picks. No animals were harmed in the making of this list…

Going Vegan? Here’s How To Combat Meat-Free Fatigue

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5 September 2019

Going Vegan? Here’s How To Combat Meat-Free Fatigue

Want to do more to support your health and the planet by going plant-based, but struggle with energy dips and feeling depleted?

I’ve chatted with a few friends who returned to meat recently – not because they desperately missed those juicy steaks or couldn’t live without their Thursday-night Nando’s (actually, that did apply in some cases), but because they missed feeling awake and energised.

This Is What Happened When A Carnivore, A Vegetarian And A Flexitarian Tried Joe Wicks’ Veg Cookbook

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28 January 2019

Joe Wicks’ Veg Cookbook

Fitness coach Joe Wicks and his Lean In 15 cookery books are, undoubtedly, a phenomenon.

Creator of the 90 Day Plan, Wicks, aka The Body Coach, is known for his curly locks, popular HIIT Instagram videos, and generally encouraging people to change their bodies and lifestyles without going hungry.