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5 Hair Colour Trends That Will be Big in 2020

A colourist tells us the shades and techniques that are set to dominate next year.

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19 December 2019

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5 Hair Colour Trends That Will be Big in 2020

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With a new year – and a new decade – on the horizon, you might be thinking it’s time to shake things up, and what better way than with hot new hair colour?

If you’re looking for hair-spiration, we’ve got the inside scoop from a top colourist on the trends that are on the rise.

“2020 is going to be all about subtle but statement-making colour that doesn’t mess around,” says Katie Hale, head of colour at Charles Worthington Salons.

“We’re looking at fresh new fuss-free hues that mean business. It’s time to embrace washes of colour that require little maintenance but still pack a punch.”

While hues vary from natural-looking blondes and browns to statement brights, she says that these days it’s not about adhering strictly to a one-shade-fits-all idea.

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“There are no rules here. It’s about experimenting and unleashing your inner creative.

“Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, there is a shade for all seasons.”

Here are Hale’s five predictions for the colour trends that are going to be big in 2020.

1. Smoky blondes

When it comes to blonde hair, it’s all about wearable shades that combine a variety of tones.

“Smoky gold combines cool and warm tones together in your colour palette, complementing every skin tone, working on both blondes and brunettes,” Hale says.

“Wearable shades like golden blonde and subtle soft highlights make for easy upkeep and are the perfect answer for those who don’t want to go too bold.

“Alternatively, slightly moodier caramel hues add a multidimensional depth to hair, adding volume, texture and giving our hair a lift in a subtle but noticeable way.”

2. Rich browns

“If you’re looking to go to the dark side, rich mahogany is one answer,” Hale says.

“Those that want less commitment, choose cinnamon and hazel tones, both a great way to introduce a little colour to your locks.

“When it comes to balayaged brunettes with light blonde ends, opt for warmer richer reflects.”

3. Visible roots

“Roots are back in,” says Hale, but that doesn’t mean just leaving your hair to grow out so you end up with a thick band of colour – they’re part of the salon process.

“Get smudged out, blended roots for a natural and effortless and easily maintainable look.”

4. Rich reds

“For those of us that are ready to go big or need a colour refresh, punchy copper reds and warm gingery hues add vibrancy to our look,” says Hale.

“Especially after the winter weather has stripped us of our natural glow and can leave our hair looking flat and dull.”

A glossy auburn shade will breathe life back into lacklustre locks.

5. Blue

“Watch out for blue,” Hale says. “Being Pantone’s 2020 colour of the year this will most definitely make an appearance.”

Pantone’s Classic Blue isn’t the only option, however.

“Whether you’re suited to icy blue hues, statement denim blue or a glossy blue black, there is a look for everyone.”