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5 Holy Grail Products Alexa Chung Swears By

The style icon and TV presenter shared her first ever make-up tutorial on YouTube

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16 June 2019

Favourite products used by Alexa Chung

Travelling abroad for a festival this year? Here are some recommended make-up pieces to pack.

Glastonbury in the UK is just a few weekends away, and like all beauty gurus, you're probably wondering how you can possibly look human after five nights of camping in a field in (quite possibly) torrential rain - whether at Glastonbury or another festival you're headed to this summer.

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Thankfully, Alexa Chung has come to the rescue with a festival-friendly make-up tutorial that promises to keep you looking fresh, even though the closest thing you’ve seen to a shower is a packet of wet wipes.


“This video came about from being at Glastonbury,” Chung explains in the tutorial.

“It’s rainy and it’s muddy and you’re on day three, you’re wearing a jumper that someone’s spilled cider on already and you’ve lost one wellington boot – so you’ve got probably a plastic bag around one foot.”

She continues: “In this context, I like to sometimes pick myself back up again by creating perfect make-up – which is trying to make the head region look as nice as possible so that everyone else doesn’t focus on the rest of it.”

If you’re heading to Worthy Farm, or any other festival for that matter, here are just a few of Chung’s holy grail make-up products for looking your best. So even if you’re smelly, greasy and covered in stale drinks, there’s still hope…

1. Augustinus Bader The Cream

After a few days at a festival your skin can take a knock from drinking too much booze and not enough water. “Hydration is very important,” says Chung, who relies on Augustinus Bader’s cult moisturiser to provide some much-needed luminosity. “It’s very expensive so I act like it’s little pieces of gold. It’s very good though,” she says.

2. Tinted Moisturiser in Nude by Laura Mercier, AED 291

Buy it now from, AED 291.

Chung says that years of wearing thick make-up as a model has stopped her from wearing a full coverage base layer. “I don’t really like foundation,” she says. “In real life I like to keep it pretty plain Jane.”

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She uses Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturiser to even out any redness. As a bonus, it also has SPF 20 to keep your skin protected from UV damage.

3. “Un” Cover-Up Concealer in Shade 11 by RMS

Buy it now from, AED 129.05.

Dark circles are unavoidable at festivals. After a few days partying into the early hours and then getting woken up at 7am by the sun beating down on your tent, fatigue can really start to show.

Chung uses RMS’ “Un” Cover-Up concealer to hide the damage. As well as having a really natural finish, it’s clean of any parabens.

4. Framing Eyebrow Liquid Pen in Khaki by Suqqu

Buy it now from, AED 399.80.

If all else fails, a good brow can distract from whatever else is going on with your skin. “The only thing I’m happy with my face is my eyebrows,” says Chung, who flicks Suqqu’s liquid brow pen through her brows for a more defined arch.

5. Carpates Eyeliner Stylo by NARS

Buy it now from, AED 105.50.

It wouldn’t be an Alexa Chung make-up look without a Sixties cat-eye. She uses Nars’ eyeliner stylo to achieve the perfect flick on the lash line.

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As well as being easy to apply, this formulation is smudge-proof, so your eye make-up thankfully won’t melt away into a grubby mess when you’re 10 songs deep into The Chemical Brothers’ set.