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Is the Cordless BaByliss 9000 Hair Straightener Worth the Hype?

We test the BaByliss 9000 and put the highly anticipated new gadget through its paces

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11 September 2019

This Cordless Hair Straightener is Hugely Hyped

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When posts started appearing on the BaByliss Instagram account promising nothing less than ‘a new era in hair styling’, my interest was piqued to say the least.

What could it be? A hairdryer to rival the Dyson? A curling wand that delivers perfect waves?

But it turned out BaByliss was hinting at something I’ve always wanted, but never believed could be perfected: a cordless straightener.

Why? Because in order to reach the temperatures needed for effective straightening, a decent power supply is required – as I discovered a while back when I tested a tiny £9.99 travel straightener that did not deliver the locks I wanted.

So does this new tool manage to achieve what I thought was impossible – and is it worth the sizeable price tag of £250? Here’s my verdict on the BaByliss 9000 Cordless Straightener…

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The technical specs are impressive

Powered by lithium-ion, the BaByliss 9000 uses something called Micro Heating Matrix technology to ensure the ceramic plates are consistently heated.

It offers three temperature settings – 160C, 180C and 200C – and is fully charged in three hours to provide 30 minutes of use.

It also comes with three-pin (UK) and two-pin (European) adaptors – but can be used worldwide – and has an auto-safety shut off so you don’t have to worry if you’ve left it on by accident.

The technical specs are impressive

It’s easy to use

Set-up couldn’t be easier with the BaByliss 9000. I pop the three-pin plug on the end of the adaptor, snap on the magnetic charger and wait for the flashing light to turn green so I know it’s ready to use.

Then I hold down the power button and a chiming tone tells me it’s on. I press the button two more times until the last of three white lights is flashing – that’s for the 200C temperature. It heats up in seconds so there’s no need to wait before you start straightening.

When I’m done four minutes later, I hold down the power button again and another chime tells me the cordless straightener is off.

It’s a very effective straightener

This was the real test for me. Could the 9000 be as good as my beloved Cloud 9 Touch?

The answer is, in short, yes. With a 200C max temperature it’s actually 10 degrees hotter than my usual straightener – and I need the heat to iron out the frizzy kinks in my fringe – but you can always use a cooler setting if that’s better for your hair.

There’s a nice weight to the device and the ceramic plates give an extra-shiny finish to my bleach blonde strands, plus it only takes one pass over each section to achieve the sleek, smooth look I desire, which is the sign of a great straightener. It can also be used for creating waves and curls, too.

I would say I’d prefer a little bit more grip between the plates, and the barrel is wider than I’m used to, so I have to make sure to lift sections of hair properly to be able to get close to the roots, but I quickly learn to adapt.

The cordless design is so convenient

It may be a bit of a first world problem, but there’s no denying the power cord on hair straighteners is really annoying.

It means you have to find a spot to do your straightening that’s positioned between a plug socket and a mirror, it makes it heavier to store and carry, and you have to remember to pack an adaptor if you’re taking it overseas.

The BaByliss 9000 solves all the those problems. There’s no more stretching across hotel rooms with the cord at full length or looking in a tiny hand mirror while plugged into the one socket.

With 30 minutes use for one charge, I could go on a 10-day holiday and not even bother taking the charger, but of course how long the power will last will depend on your hair length and style.

The verdict

Retailing at £250/AED1,133.99, the BaByliss 9000 isn’t cheap, so the ultimate question remains: is it worth a price tag that’s at least £75 more than the average straightener?

For me, it is, because the convenience is amazing. Just touching a button instead of having to unwind and plug in a cord is brilliant and saves valuable time when I’m getting ready in the morning.

If the 9000 wasn’t as good as my other tools I wouldn’t be convinced, but since it is, I think the extra cost is totally worth it. I’m waving goodbye to my old straighteners and saying hello to the new cordless era.