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Here's Why Your Foundation Always Looks Cakey

And how you can fix it.

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29 March 2017

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We want to thank the makeup Gods for bringing foundation into our lives. A product that instantly evens out your skin and conceals blemishes? Hell yeah!

However, you know what they say...too much of a good thing can be bad and foundation is no exception. You want your foundation to even out your skin, but still look natural, luminous and like it's your skin. You do not want it to look like a thick mask of product on your face (hey, if that's your look we are not judging).

If your foundation always looks cakey, here are 8 foundation mistakes you are probably making.

1. You don't exfoliate

You should exfoliate your face 1-2 times a week to remove the dead skin. If you don't - your foundation will cling to the dead skin and look cakey.

cakey foundation fix

2. You don't prep your skin

By prepping we mean moisturising and priming so that you have a healthy, hydrated canvas for foundation to go over smoothly.

cakey foundation fix

3. You use the wrong tools

Using a damp sponge like a beauty blender will have the most natural effect. Seriously, it does not compare to any brush in the world. Try it for yourself and see your foundation game change.

cakey foundation fix

4. You choose the wrong foundation

Just because it is a heavy coverage foundation, doesn't mean it is right for you. If you only have a few spots/blemishes you should opt for a light coverage foundation and cover up the spots with concealer. Also, dry skin girls should get a luminous foundation, whereas oily girls should get an oil-free foundation.

cakey foundation fix

5. You are overdoing it

The trick to making foundation look like skin is to use it only where it's necessary. You do not want to create a mask of foundation on your face, you simply want to correct the areas that need to be corrected.

cakey foundation fix

6. You can't put the powder down

We're sure this one doesn't come as a surprise. Applying too much powder is like buying a first class ticket to cakeface land.

If you have oily skin and have to apply powder - dust it ever so lightly.

cakey foundation fix

7. You don't mist

A genius trick to make your foundation look natural is to use rosewater mist before and after the foundation so that it melts into your skin instead of sitting on top of it.

cakey foundation fix

8. You don't blot

Always make sure to take a clean tissue paper and blot your face after you are done applying your foundation. This will pick up excess product and only what's needed will stay on your face.