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How To Perform A Gua Sha Facial Massage At Home

You have to prep before you roll!

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24 October 2018

How To Perform A Gua Sha Facial Massage At Home

Celebrities and beauty experts swear by the ancient Chinese massage technique that is Gua Sha. The beauty method that releases unhealthy toxins, detoxes the skin and stimulates circulation. But, how does it work and how can you try it at home?

First you’ll need to select your jade or rose quartz tool, as here is our guide to Gua Sha with recommendations for the best tools.

Before using any tools on your skin, it is important to ensure your skin is completely clean. We recommend starting with a double cleanse to remove all traces of make-up, dirt and impurities.

Start by dispensing one pump of Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil (or another brand’s equivalent) onto dry hands and gently massage all over face, neck and eyes working upwards and outwards. Rinse thoroughly with a damp facecloth and pat dry.

Follow with a cream cleanser, rinse, then apply a hydrating sheet mask.

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Starting with the Gua Sha tool at the back of the neck, keep it flat and draw the tool up until you hit a bone. Work round the back of the neck and then the sides and finally on the front.

Remove the mask after five minutes, squeeze out all excess moisture and gently pat all over the face, then follow these five steps with the Gua Sha:

Step #1

Keeping the tool flat, start on one side of the face at the jaw with the jaggedy edge of the tool. Draw the tool from jaw to ear slowly five times.

Step #2

Move on to the cheek and use the scooped part and repeat from nose to ear slowly fives times.

Step #3

Using the corner of the tool and laying it flat at the corner of the eye, lightly move the tool from corner to outer eye slowly five times, supporting the eye area with your ring finger.

Step #4

Move to the forehead and using the scoop side, start in the middle of the forehead with the tool horizontally move over to one side towards the temple, slowly, five times.

Step #5

Now, place the tool over the eyebrow, moving the tool up to the hairline five times. Repeat these steps on the other side of the face.