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Jennifer Lopez Turns 50: Here's the Pop Star’s Beauty Evolution

She’s gone from fresh-faced singer to experimental megastar, all with that JLo glow.

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24 July 2019

Jennifer Lopez Turns 50: Here's the Pop Star’s Beauty Evolution

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It’s hard to believe because it looks like she’s ageing backwards, but pop legend Jennifer Lopez turns 50 today.

During her career she’s brought us bangers like Jenny From The Block and Love Don’t Cost A Thing, as well as some iconic fashion moments – remember *that* green chiffon Versace dress with the deep V? It was said to have inspired the creation of Google Images because so many people were searching for it.

Her fashion and music have always been loud, proud and fun, so it’s no surprise her beauty looks have matched. Lopez is a multi-hyphenate: Singer, dancer, actor and businesswoman, and over the years she’s proved to be a make-up chameleon too.

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Here’s how her beauty evolution has changed, from when she exploded onto the scene to now, her 50th birthday…

Fresh-faced beginnings…

Fresh-faced beginnings…

Lopez first came into the public eye in the late Nineties for her acting and singing. This was a time when low-key make-up was in fashion, and she knew how to work it.

She kept her beauty looks pared back and simple, with an emphasis on super glowing skin and maybe a slick of lip gloss for the red carpet. And yes, there’s a reason it’s called the ‘JLo glow’ – her skin has always been luminescent and bronzed.

looks pared back and simple

Of course, Lopez also had the obligatory super-thin eyebrows of the Nineties and Noughties, but luckily for her, she doesn’t seem to have gone as far as some of us did with her plucking.

Hollywood glamour…

Hollywood glamour…

When she started acting in movies like Maid in Manhattan in the Noughties, Lopez amped up her Hollywood starlet look. This meant long lashes, strong red lips and one thing Lopez could always rely on: a giant, sleek bun.

Maid in Manhattan

It was a more noticeable beauty look than we’d previously seen on the star, but still sophisticated.

Sultry scenes…

Sultry scenes…

For a large part of her career, Lopez kept her beauty look subtle. In the late Noughties it seemed like she wanted to switch things up, and started playing around with a more sultry look.

bronzed skin

This meant amping up her eyeshadow and perfecting a smokey eye – along with consistently bronzed skin.



In recent years Lopez has been having a bit more fun with beauty. She’s been experimenting more on the red carpet – before we would rarely see her in different shades of lipstick, but now anything goes.

She’s been experimenting more on the red carpet

It looks like the star realised there’s no need to be afraid of make-up, and at big events like the Met Gala she’s opted for a “more is more” approach.

the JLo glow

But don’t worry, the JLo glow hasn’t gone anywhere. We could all take a leaf out of her book – she told InStyle last year: “I don’t wear a lot of make-up when not working and am a firm believer in SPF. I try not to stay out in the sun too long.”

Simple beauty advice, but obviously effective – although the fact Lopez looks closer to 30 than 50 might be down to some pretty incredible genes as well…