An Exclusive Interview With Sarah Jane Thompson — Makeup Artist On Brad Pitt's New Movie, 'War Machine' | ewmoda

An Exclusive Interview With Sarah Jane Thompson — Makeup Artist On Brad Pitt's New Movie, 'War Machine'

She has also worked with Jay Sean, Kate Moss, Uma Thurman and more!

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23 May 2017

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Sarah Jane Thompson Dubai Makeup Artist Interview

image credit: @sjmakeupdubai/Instagram

Kate Moss, Brad Pitt, Jay Sean, Nelly, Uma Thurman...these are only a few names out of the many A-listers Dubai-based makeup artist Sarah Jane Thompson has worked with. With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry under her belt, Sarah has established herself as one of the region's most successful makeup artists.

We caught up with the celebrity makeup artist for a tête-à-tête. Keep scrolling to know more about her journey, celebs she's worked with and fab makeup tips.

When and how did you decide, “Okay, this is it, I’m going to be a professional makeup artist?”

SJT: I've been passionate about all areas of beauty since I was a child. At 16, I entered a magazine competition in London and luckily won. Shortly after I made the big move to London from my local village, which was scary, but exciting at the same time.

How did you get your start in the industry?

SJT: I started with lots of test shoots, evenings and weekends, and worked full time for large studios with a lot of artists, stylists and photographers, this gave me the chance to build my contacts.

Though I would say my main break was when I had a TV agent and worked as a TV extra on my days off to earn extra money, so I built a lot of contacts being on TV and film sets which is where I started assisting on the shows I actually appeared in bizarrely.

Sarah Jane Thompson Dubai Makeup Artist Interview

image credit: @sjmakeupdubai/Instagram

Where do you get your inspiration from?

SJT: Well, when we didn't have our mobiles (showing my age!), I was a magazine addict and I loved Fashion Weeks and the Clothes Show Live events, so these were always hugely inspirational.

Nowadays, I follow certain artists on the social sites and blogs to keep up with the fashion and beauty scene.

What do you think of the makeup scene in Dubai?

SJT: It’s very different from the rest of the world!

Everyone loves makeup here so it's great. I feel it's easier than most cities with more opportunities for fellow MUA’s due to the different standards, but it's very hard not having a union to protect freelancers.

Sarah Jane Thompson Dubai Makeup Artist Interview

image credit: @sjmakeupdubai/Instagram

What has been the biggest highlight of your career?

SJT: I would definitely say the Star Wars movie ‘The Force Awakens’ as I was the only one chosen in the UAE to join.

It was quite overwhelming with so many Oscar-winning makeup artists involved, but they made me feel at ease instantly. The set was fantastic, I actually felt like I was on another planet!

You have worked with a TON of celebrities! Who were some of your favorites to work with and why?

SJT: To be honest it’s really hard to say. I think working with WarnerBros musicians and artists has been a fun memory. Jay Sean was adorable and Nelly and I didn't see eye to eye at first, then we just clicked moved forward and got on really well.

Actress Alexandra Maria Lara will always be my favourite due to spending so much time with her on a film set. She has since become a good friend. I also loved working with Uma Thurman, we were on the same page.

I was most inspired when I saw Tom Cruise directing/acting and working on all his own stunts whilst constantly interacting with the crew and extras. It was simply admirable.

Sarah Jane Thompson Dubai Makeup Artist Interview

Stunning natural makeup by Sarah Jane Thompson (image credit: @sjmakeupdubai/Instagram)

What are some common makeup mistakes women make (and should avoid)?

SJT: Not wearing enough SPF, not exfoliating dry lips, wearing far too much makeup. bad contouring and not blending their eye shadow and highlighter enough are big no-nos in my book.

What are the three-beauty/makeup products that you cannot live without?

SJT: Currently, I'm loving Makeup Forever's Pro Light Fusions, NARS Radiance Primer SPF 35 and MAC's Painterly Paint Pot.

Sarah Jane Thompson Dubai Makeup Artist Interview

image credit: Makeup Forever, NARS, MAC

What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?

SJT: Wear SPF! The sun really damages and ages the skin, so it's an absolute essential. Also, drink plenty of water really does come from within.

More importantly, smile and enjoy life. We live in such a stressful world and there is so much pressure nowadays to look good. I think it's damaging to the younger generation and this worries me as beauty is becoming an obsession, it should be just fun!

What advice would you offer to new makeup artists about thriving in today’s competitive market (both in the blogosphere and editorial world)?

SJT: I feel as long as you have the passion and the drive and are ready for the challenge the world is your oyster. If I can do it, anyone can.

People skills are just as important as doing the job and networking is vital.

The blogosphere has taken the world and the UAE by storm so, this is the way forward. Social media presence and YouTube videos are an easier way of making money than working 18 hours on a film set! If you are not camera shy, go for it!

Sarah Jane Thompson Dubai Makeup Artist Interview

image credit: @sjmakeupdubai/Instagram

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