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What Expired Makeup Does To Your Face

How bad is it (really) to use expired makeup?

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23 October 2016

using expired makeup

An expiration date exists for a reason - you must not use the product post its date of expiry. And makeup products are no exception. While most makeup experts believe that expired makeup cannot kill you (in most cases), you want to steer clear of using expired makeup as it, simply put, is bacteria heaven.

Here's what happens to your face when you use expired makeup:


Unless your lipstick has developed mould, all expired lipstick will do is be hard and crumbly to apply. Also, expired lipstick has an unbearable smell!

Mascara and Eyeliner

Because mascara and eyeliner both come in contact with your eyes, they should be discarded within 3 months of opening. Beyond 3 months, the products will become a thriving ground for bacteria leading to serious eye infections.

Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundations can last up to 2 years. Even though you are likely to use up the product in that amount of time, steer clear of foundation jars in which you have to dip your hand/brush. If, however, you use foundation sparingly - it is best to toss it out after its expiration as the ingredients in a foundation could separate and increase the risk of germ growth because the preservatives are no longer effective.


Blush hoarders: rejoice - you can keep your products for up to 3 years before they expire. Powder products only become hard to apply and lose their vibrant pigmentation post expiration; they are very unlikely to cause infections of any kind. However, you have to make sure that the blushes are not contaminated with water or oils that provide the preferred moist environment where germs and bacteria tend to thrive.