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All The Early 00s Fashion Trends From The VMAs You Won’t Believe

Time to dig deep into the back of your wardrobe

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27 August 2019

All The Early 00s Fashion Trends From The VMAs You Won’t Beleive

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As one of the biggest events in fashion calendar, you can always count on the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) to provide some fashion inspiration for your next big night out.

Sure, it may not be the Oscars, but it’s the one red carpet where stars throw out the rule book and aren’t afraid to have fun with their style – and this year was no different.

If you grew up religiously shopping in Tammy Girl, listening to Britney Spears and lovingly applying blue hair mascara to your locks, you’ll either be happy or horrified to hear that the 2019 VMAs threw up a lot of retro looks that wouldn’t go amiss in the early 00s.

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Here, we’ve rounded up some of the questionable trends you won’t believe are having a revival.

1. Shiny bootcut trousers

Pretty much everyone owned a pair of these satin horrors back in the 00s.

Whether you teamed yours with a pair of chunky Sketchers or dressed them up with a diamanté kitten heel, one thing’s for sure – we thought these bad boys had been confined to the depths of our local charity shop for good.

The shapeless fit, the pleated front, the bunching at the ankles – everything about this type of trouser offends us, and yet somehow Gigi Hadid still manages to pull it off.

Shiny bootcut trousers

2. Feather boas

Was it really a 00s school disco if one of your mates didn’t out-diva the rest of your squad by rocking up on the dance floor in an outrageously OTT feather boa?

We never thought we’d see the day that this ostentatious (and let’s face it, rather pointless) accessory would get a reboot, but we have Lizzo to thank for the comeback.

Feather boas

3. Skin-bearing toga dresses

Remember Jennifer Lopez’s skin-bearing Grammy’s dress in the year 2000? Swathes of celebs tried to copy the look in the years after, which meant we did too.

Skin-bearing toga dresses

If you ever turned up to a Y2K party in a dress that looked like a knotted bed sheet, we seriously applaud your bravery.

Camila Cabello tapped into the trend on this year’s red carpet.

4. Velour tracksuits

When The Simple Life hit MTV in the late 1990s, we were all rushing out to get our hands on the Paris Hilton starter pack: a Lancôme Juicy Tube lip gloss, a pink flip phone and a Juicy Couture tracksuit.

There’s no denying that velour tracksuits were seriously ghastly things, but they had one major thing going for them: they were the comfiest item in our wardrobes.

It might actually be a blessing in disguise then that Big Sean brought back the look at this years VMAs. Thankfully, he decided to forgo the diamanté derrière

Velour tracksuits

5. Chunky corset belts

There was a time where we wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without some kind of large, Victorian-style belt laced up around our midriff.

Looking like a mash up between a pirate and a Tim Burton character, we foolishly thought this was the only way to style up a cute tank top in the 00s.

We’re not sure why singer Halsey decided it was time to remind us of this rather dodgy 00s trend, but we’re not sure that we’ll be trying it again in the near future.

Chunky corset belts

6. Double denim

Of all the cringe-worthy fashion trends that we still raise a glass to, double denim might just be our favourite.

If you thought the head-to-toe denim look was just a tragic distant memory, think again, because Lenny Kravitz just provided us with this gloriously 00s Canadian tuxedo look.

The sleeveless denim jacket, the glittery shawl top, the bootcut jeans and white boots… this is a paint-by-numbers 00s outfit that we won’t be forgetting any time soon. Britney and Justin would be proud.

Double denim