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Ariana Grande is Set to Become the Newest Face of Givenchy, This is Her Style Evolution

The high-ponytailed pop star will join the auspicious ranks of Rosamund Pike and Audrey Hepburn

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13 May 2019

Ariana Grande is Set to Become the Newest Face of Givenchy

Givenchy has attempted to create some intrigue on social media by teasing the silhouette of the newest face of the brand.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly the slickest of endeavours because you can immediately tell it’s Ariana Grande. Even though the announcement was briefly overshadowed by jokes, it wasn’t not long before people realised what a huge deal this is for the 25-year-old singer.

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She’s come a long way since her Nickelodeon days, and here is the signature style we can expect Grande to bring to the house of Givenchy.

Nickelodeon beginnings…

Grande was 16 when she shot to fame on Nickelodeon show Victorious. Considering she was a teen in the Noughties, much of her fashion choices reflected this – think waist belts, leather bubble skirts and pretty standard jeans and jumpers.

However, we did get a glimpse of the Grande we know today as she also favoured princess dresses and miniskirts. Sure, they were the Noughties version of what she wears now, but it was still a pretty good taste of things to come.

Ariana Grande is the new face of Givenchy

Pop stardom…

Grande released her debut album, Yours Truly, in 2013 and when her second album was released the following year, she had well and truly rid herself of her Nickelodeon image.

This is when her fashion choices became sexier and more adult, with thigh high boots, miniskirts and matching crop tops becoming her onstage uniform. It looks like Grande got a lot of her sartorial inspirations from the Harajuku area in Tokyo, which pioneered a similar sexy-but-sweet style.

Ariana Grande is the new face of Givenchy

Oversized everything…

When Grande’s not wearing matching miniskirts and crop tops, she goes the other direction – massively oversized (but sometimes mixing the two together). Since launching her pop career, she’s fallen in love with jumpers, coats and jackets that don’t fit – but that’s the point.

Grande is known for being petite – she’s around 5ft tall – so the hoodies which swamp her only make her look tinier.

Her signature look today…

Onstage, Grande has honed her look to perfection – and it’s not too far away from when she started her career. She favours skyscraper heels (most often thigh high boots), kicky miniskirts and crop tops to match. Colour schemes tend to be either pastels or black, and don’t forget a whole lot of glitter and fur.

Since she started working with stylist Law Roach (who’s behind many of Zendaya and Celine Dion’s looks), she’s been wearing a range of different designers – all in her signature look. And with this new contract, we can definitely expect to see her stepping out in a lot more Givenchy.

On the red carpet, her look is consistently uber girly and princessy.

Our favourite Grande fashion moment of recent times comes from February, when instead of walking the red carpet of the Grammys she took a bunch of pictures at home in a custom pale blue princess gown by Zac Posen.

Not only did she look great, but there was an extra element of sass – she skipped the Grammys due to creative difference with the organisers, but wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to show off her outfit. The dress gave off Disney vibes, which many people thought was a tribute to her late former boyfriend Mac Miller, who wrote a song about her called ‘Cinderella’

Offstage, it’s business as usual for Grande. Think oversized hoodies as dresses, paired with thigh high stiletto boots – basically the ultimate mix of comfort and pain.