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Giant Scrunchies are About to Become Summer’s Hottest Hair Trend

Get yours now before they go viral.

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16 July 2019

Giant Scrunchies are About to Become Summer’s Hottest Hair Trend

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If you thought the Return of the Scrunchie was going to be short-lived – a flash in the pan throwback to a simpler time when the coolest hairdo in the world involved a crimper and a velvet hair band – we’re afraid you were wrong.

The Eighties accessory trend is growing – literally – with the arrival of supersized scrunchies which are proving popular with some very stylish Instragrammers, like New York based fashion influencer Kat Hsu (aka @iamtheflowerthief) and French stylist Andréa Ottaviani (@andreaetlou).

Both have recently shared pictures on their pages wearing huge, diaphanous scrunchies in lime green and pink respectively – and looking seriously cool in them too.

You know what that means. Where Instagram’s finest lead, the rest of the world follows, so expect to see a mega-scrunchie adorning a ponytail near you soon.

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A post shared by Andréa Ottaviani (@andreaetlou) on Jul 7, 2019 at 11:35am PDT

Having said that, these babies aren’t as accessible as, for example, the polka dot Zara dress every woman and her dog is wearing this summer.

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These particular hand-sewn hair ties come from a store called Room Shop Vintage in Philadelphia.

Made from a variety of recycled and scrap materials, they’ve been selling so fast the retailer has struggled to keep up with demand.

The store’s giant silk scrunchies are available online in a variety of colours and prints, priced at $30 (around AED110), while ‘cloud scrunchies’ made from organza retail for $20 (around AED73).

Want to get your hands on one? Room Shop Vintage does ship to the UK, but with delivery charges starting at around £18/AED66, when you add it up you’re looking at one pricey hair bobble.

There are some alternatives on this side of the Atlantic, however…

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A post shared by Kelsey Heinze (@froeverever) on May 18, 2019 at 5:07pm PDT

Giant Scrunchies

Free People‘s Oversize Pearl Scrunchie, £15/AED68.50, comes in black, champagne and lavender colourways, with pearl embellishment.

Etsy seller LeAmuar sells a range of silk hair ties including a Giant Beige Silk Scrunchie, £10.33/AED47.17.

On fast fashion site I Saw It First a Black Oversized Scrunchie is currently £4.16/AED19, reduced from £8/AED36.53.

Giant Scrunchies

They aren’t quite as big as the Room Shop Vintage originals, so if you want a scrunchie as big as your head, you’re going to have to shell out for the transatlantic shipping.

Or, if you’re feeling creative, why not grab some organza fabric, hit play on this YouTube tutorial and see if you can make your own…