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How to Incorporate More Tortoiseshell Into Your Outfits

Judging by Instagram, you’re missing out if you don’t have any in your wardrobe

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7 July 2019

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How to Incorporate More Tortoiseshell Into Your Outfits this Summer

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As the summer has now really kicked into gear, it’s the perfect time to hand out some harsh truths. Namely, that a fair-weather outfit just isn’t complete without a hint of tortoiseshell – the most have additional to any ensemble this season.

Your first thought might be that the old pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses will do just fine – but that’s merely the first step to nailing this trend.

Tortoiseshell used to come from the actual animal’s shell, but this has been banned since the Seventies. Nowadays, you’re most likely to find synthetic substitutes made of plastic. It is a popular trend right now, but is the kind of thing which will always be in style – which is particularly good considering so many products are made from non-biodegradable substances, so won’t be worn a few times and thrown away.

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If you want to level up from the bog-standard (but still cute) tortoiseshell sunglasses, here’s how you can figure more of it into your wardrobe this summer…

Even though it’s made up of various shades of brown, there’s something quite summery about tortoiseshell. Maybe it’s the way it manages to catch the light, which is probably why you can increasingly see it as buttons on summer dresses or belt buckles on playsuits.

Buttons are cheap to buy – if you’re feeling thrifty and don’t want to spend money on completely new clothes, just get some buttons and replace them with the normal ones on your favourite blouse or dress. It’s easy to do, even if you’re not that handy with a needle.

If tortoiseshell on your clothes feels a bit, well, permanent, you can dip your toes into the water with statement earrings. With tortoiseshell jewellery, the bigger the better – and you can experiment with abstract shapes, regular hoops, or mixing with other materials like pearls.

Small, structured bags are having a moment, so what could be better than a geometric box made out of tortoiseshell? It’s the perfect mini statement bag – which unlike so many others will match most of your outfits.

If you’re not keen on the full tortoiseshell effect, pick a bag with accents made of the trendy material – such as buckles or handles.

Hair clips and barrettes were once thought of as awkward accessories from the Nineties, but now they’re having something of a resurgence. It’s lucky for any hoarders out there who haven’t got round to throwing out their childhood accessories, because they’d be right at home on the recent catwalks.

This isn’t a low-key trend – more is more – and to be in fashion you need to pile as many clips into your hair at once. Tortoiseshell clips and barrettes fit in perfectly next to plain metal, bejewelled and pearl slides.

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We’re just happy this trend is back, because it’s the perfect distraction if you haven’t bothered to wash your hair.

Even on your nails…

But unlike another recent Instagram nail trend, cow print, this one actually looks quite tricky to replicate yourself at home – probably best to leave it up to the professionals.