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8 Urban Beaches That Genuinely Aren't Terrible

Posted on

7 July 2019

Urban beaches worth visiting

City beaches may be associated with cigarette butts and sewage, but these serene, sandy exceptions will make you rebook your city break.

Picture the archetypal urban beach.

The broken bottles protruding menacingly from the sand; the concrete bulwarks ready to repel high tide; the honking car horns drowning out the lapping waves…

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Our 5 Favourite Beach Bags For Summer

Posted on

4 May 2019

Best beach bags for summer

Heading away for some sun, sea and sand? Here are the best beach bags we've found for you this summer...

If you're like us, then any trip to the beach or pool isn't complete without hauling everything from your finest towel, to your wide-brimmed sun hat, your kindle, your SPF and your favourite water bottle.

Thankfully, there's a host of great beach bags available right now that you can throw all of the above in - including colourful net bags and bamboo baskets that look straight out of Bali.

There's a Spot in the Canary Islands Where the Beach Looks Like Popcorn

Posted on

10 December 2018

Canary Island beach looks like popcorn

When you think of popcorn, your mind immediately turns to the beloved cinema snack – best served sweet and salty, with extra butter.

You probably wouldn’t think of a beach setting, which is why this bay in the Canary Islands is so unique and unexpected.

Nicknamed Popcorn Beach, instead of fine sand, you’re more likely to find what looks like freshly popped popcorn at this untouched spot.