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There's a Spot in the Canary Islands Where the Beach Looks Like Popcorn

It might look good enough to eat, but that’s definitely not recommended

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10 December 2018

Canary Island beach looks like popcorn

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When you think of popcorn, your mind immediately turns to the beloved cinema snack – best served sweet and salty, with extra butter.

You probably wouldn’t think of a beach setting, which is why this bay in the Canary Islands is so unique and unexpected.

Nicknamed Popcorn Beach, instead of fine sand, you’re more likely to find what looks like freshly popped popcorn at this untouched spot.

It’s located in a popular destination for winter sun – Fuerteventura, the second largest of the Canary Islands. Lots of people will be jetting off to the Spanish archipelago this Christmas, as temperatures remain pleasant all year round.

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Don’t visit this beach on an empty stomach, though – you wouldn’t want to make the mistake of nibbling the ‘popcorn’. In fact, it’s actually stony bits of coral, which would undoubtedly be less tasty than the tubs you get at the cinema.

Because it’s covered with irregular bits of coral, this isn’t exactly the kind of beach you want to sunbathe on. Luckily, Fuerteventura isn’t lacking in large expanses of far more comfortable golden sand, and you can use your trip to Popcorn Beach to get some photo fodder for Instagram.

If you speak to locals, this unusually-shaped coral isn’t a new phenomenon, but it has become more widely known about thanks to social media. The beach itself doesn’t have any amenities, so you’ll have to visit it well prepared – we’re talking non-popcorn based snacks, so you don’t get confused and accidentally eat the coral.

It’s located off a dirt track between Corralejo and Majanicho on the north side of Fuerteventura. The nobbly nature of the coral means it’s not recommended to swim at this beach, as you could cut yourself – and definitely don’t forget to wear shoes when visiting.