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7 Of The Most Luxurious Cinemas From Around The World

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13 December 2018

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Luxurious Cinemas

With the decline of the high street and the rise of online streaming, modern technology has seen many cinemas fall on hard times.

But some are shaping up in an effort to avoid shipping out, re-branding their services and focusing more on the ‘experience’ than the film.

The Odeon cinema in London’s Leicester Square has caused outrage by charging £40 per ticket for its new high-tech auditorium, but the venue is not the only one upping the products on offer as well as the prices.

11 Most Exotic Pools Around The World

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25 December 2016

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Summer may be months away but when you have a view-to-die-for, you don’t care about the season, weather, company or even the heavy bill.

Luxury hotels and resorts go out of their way to ensure that their swimming pools stand out. While most of them do a decent job, some properties just take you straight to the heaven with their breath-taking view and set up.

From Swiss Alps to the Maldives, here is a list of 10 most exotic pools to take the dive of a lifetime.

5 Luxury Hotels That Used to Be Prisons

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21 November 2016

Inside 5 Luxury Hotels That Used to Be Prisons

Prisons make the most binge-worthy TV series. Just ask any Prison Break, Wentworth or OITNB fan and they would give you a big nod of approval. But would they actually want to live in a prison themselves?

Spending a night in a prison sounds gloomy unless of course, it comes with hot food, warm bed and Wi-Fi service.

If the thought of living in a prison-turned-hotel intrigues you, then keep scrolling down to see the top 5 coolest hotels that used to be prisons.

Inside The World's Most Expensive Hotel

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16 November 2016

 The Most Luxurious Hotel of the World

If you could choose where to wake up in a parallel life – this is where it should be.

A palatial building with 200 all-villa resorts spanning across 30,000 sq feet – The 13 in Macau is the world’s most expensive hotel with a price tag of more than £5million ($7million) per guest room.

Built at a whopping cost of £1billion, the 13 is the latest venture by Hong Kong billionaire, Stephen Hung. This grand architectural wonder boasts of every imaginable luxury you can think of.