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Why Visiting Zanzibar Is The Newest Tropical Getaway

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28 July 2019

Why Visiting Zanzibar Is The Newest Tropical Getaway

Explore a hidden gem in the eastern coast of Africa, home to idyllic beaches, friendly locals, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

If binge-watching Love Island, reading crazy adventures from Lord of the Flies, or following the royal family's summer vacation at an exclusive Caribbean island has left you wanting to plan your island getaway, then this vacation to Zanzibar is sure to bring you one step closer to fulfilling your islander dreams.

8 Places You Really Shouldn't Go For Your Summer Holiday

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20 May 2019

Places you shouldn't go on your holiday

Tourism can go one of two ways.

It can save communities, fund the upkeep of ancient monuments, and prop up entire economies. But in the era of global travel, there’s a tipping point, beyond which those communities become displaced, monuments eroded, and economies dependent – or ultimately destroyed.

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5 Films And TV Shows To Inspire Your Travel Plans In 2019

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27 January 2019


A trip to the cinema is pure escapism, with special effects and epic locations transporting us to many other worlds. Some scenes are so impactful, they even inspire viewers to visit locations, giving rise to a tourism trend coined ‘set-jetting’.

So which films and TV are likely to shape our travel plans in 2019?

According to flight booking engine, these visual narratives are likely to put particular destinations on the map.

7 Exotic Last-Minute Summer Getaways From The UAE

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15 August 2017

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7 Exotic Last-Minute Summer Getaways From UAE

Living in the UAE has many perks but the sweltering summer is definitely not one of them. If we could, we’d pass a law granting all UAE residents a cool, breezy and beachy vacation break — at least once every summer.

If you’re done looking at jaw-dropping scenic locations on Instagram alone, then it’s high time to embrace the real world and give in to your wanderlust. Below are some last-minute vacation ideas for every kind of travel goal. These exotic locations are not only ideal for summers but comparatively closer to UAE, light on the pocket and a safe bet to invest.