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7 Places That Make South East Asia The Perfect Spot For A Digital Detox

Posted on

18 February 2018

Digital detox in South East Asia

Feeling the need for a digital detox?

Whether you’re planning your mental escape to South East Asia or in the middle of your trip and wondering where next - here are my top 7 places to take a time out from day-to-day life, and your phone! Not the most visited nor the most mentioned but guaranteed to leave your heart happy! Who knows, you might even “find yourself”…

8 Travel Instagram's of South America

Posted on

26 October 2017

8 of the best Instagram's featuring South America

Emirates Airline is celebrating 10 years of flying to Brazil! With non-stop flights to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro from Dubai daily, Emirates has carried over 2 million passengers to the Latin cities.

Desperate to Samba in street parties and overlook golden beaches from lush mountains, we thought we’d check out what Brazil and beyond has to offer, as South America rapidly becomes the next travelling trend!