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8 Travel Instagram's of South America

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26 October 2017

8 of the best Instagram's featuring South America

Image Credit: Emirates Airline

Emirates Airline is celebrating 10 years of flying to Brazil! With non-stop flights to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro from Dubai daily, Emirates has carried over 2 million passengers to the Latin cities.

Desperate to Samba in street parties and overlook golden beaches from lush mountains, we thought we’d check out what Brazil and beyond has to offer, as South America rapidly becomes the next travelling trend!

We’ve featured the best of travel bloggers and photographers who capture the ancient ruins, mountain-top treks and crazy colourful cities. So here are the top picks of travel South America Instagram’s that will leave you with major wanderlust…

#1 Visit South America

This account gives you the perfect start to exploring South America and start planning your adventures. From favelas to waterfalls, this Instagram is travelling inspo and can direct you to the must-see sights of the continent. We suggest sunset at the world's largest salt flats at Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia- Just WOW!

#2 Paulo del Valle

As traveler, photographer and filmmaker based in São Paulo & Rio, Paulo considers Rio one of the most beautiful places in the world. He's grown from using an iPhone with just a few followers to taking photos professionally, now sharing them with 360K people on his Instagram account. His capture of the Dona Marta Viewpoint for sunrise gives us wanderlust.

#3 Briarne Pigott

Aussie traveler Briarne is currently making as green with envy as you she explores the best of South American culture. Follow her account for a tour of beaches, ruins, encounters with exotic wildlife and the stunning Rainbow Mountain in Peru. Just try not to get too jealous of her nomadic lifestyle.

#4 Agustin Gotlib

Based in Argentina, Agustin gives us a cooler view into South America with mountains, snow and icy lakes. It's hard not to be mesmerized by vast landscapes, misty mornings and eerily empty roads.

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#5 Danny Zappa

Also based in São Paulo is Danny Zappa who steers away from typically tourist shots and instead reveals an urban, artsy look into the Latin lifestyle. If you want to discover charming doorways, quirky architecture and lots and lots of windows, you need to tap follow on this Instagram.

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#6 Anna Leti Cohen

This Instagram is all about colour and Brazil is full of it! Anna Leti Cohen features the brightest side of Brazil; from graffiti walls to magical skies her account reflects the colourful culture of South America. We have fallen in love with this shot of favela girls who beautifully capture the spirit of Brazil!

#7 Patricia Schussel Gomes

Currently capturing the dramatic landscapes of Chile is Patricia Schussel Gomes! Exploring sand dunes, volcanos, salt flats and pink-streaked mountains, Patricia amazes us with the very best of travel photography.

#8 Nathalia Carvalho

Be prepared to be envious of Nathalia’s beach life! Her Instagram account Nextrip is full of adventures, displaying some coastal scenery and waterfall wonders that have us packing our bags immediately.

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