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Posting From The Privy: The World’s Most Instagrammed Bathrooms

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22 April 2019

Most Instagrammed Bathrooms

The loo is not a traditional location for sharing, at least not with random members of the public, but in 2019 even toilets can be Insta-friendly.

#BathroomSelfie has notched up more than 1.5 million uses on Instagram to date, while #ToiletSelfie has totted up 277,000.

Now, new research from perfume company Fragrance Direct has trawled through 40,000 photos, to find the lavatories we most like to be seen in.

From London, New York, and, perhaps unexpectedly, Leeds, here are a few of the internet’s leading loos…

5 Most Instagrammable Places You Can Stay Around The World

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21 March 2019

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Riad Goloboy, Marrakech, Morocco

When you’re sitting at your desk on a dreary weekday, you’re hardly likely to start snapping photos for Instagram. Let’s face it – the best pics really come when you’re on holiday, seeing new and amazing things.

Yes, Instagram does come with its problems – it’s highly aspirational, with people far more likely to post the pics of them ‘living their best lives’ rather than the realities of the everyday.

12 Inspiring Couple Travel Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

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14 February 2018

Couple Travel Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

We all browse through Instagram to find travel inspiration and admire couples goals, so why not combine the two?! As these enviable Instagram accounts belong to travelling couple bloggers who explore the world with their significant other and document their exotic getaways. So in honour of February 14th we’ve listed our favourite globetrotting couples and shared some of their sweet snaps.