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12 Inspiring Couple Travel Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

Couples who travel together stay together

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14 February 2018

Couple Travel Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

We all browse through Instagram to find travel inspiration and admire couples goals, so why not combine the two?! As these enviable Instagram accounts belong to travelling couple bloggers who explore the world with their significant other and document their exotic getaways. So in honour of February 14th we’ve listed our favourite globetrotting couples and shared some of their sweet snaps.

From discovering new destinations to hiking up their next mountain, these couples will make you seriously jealous of their nomadic lifestyle and their happy relationship (who wouldn’t be happy on a beach)! But it’s not always as pretty as looks on Instagram, as these couple travel bloggers also share their horror stories, travel tips and blistered feet!

Still, their travel Instagram’s let us explore the world and follow their journey, as we often can’t wait to see where the pin will land next on the map. Especially when the couples share their travel experiences in Dubai! To inspire your wanderlust, or make you green with envy, these are the couple travel bloggers you need to follow in 2018

#1 Selena & Jacob

Instagram Handle: @finduslost

This couple left L.A. for the world, as they provide travel guides and inspire wanderlust for all. From romantic snowy moments in Finland to the white sandy beaches of the Dominican Republic, we’re in love with their love and their Instagram-worthy lifestyle.

#2 Federica & Matteo

Instagram Handle: @didyouexplore

Next stop Thailand…this couple are living and sharing a great adventure which is still relatively new to the duo, as this Instagram account is one to watch and follow for the future.

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#3 Anna Lisa & Porter

Instagram Handle: @recesscity

This travel blogging couple live in hotels but they’re redefining luxury, with sustainable living and an ethical travel lifestyle. And their Instagram account is just as picture perfect as their fellow travel bloggers. From Dubai and the Maldives to Paris and Amsterdam, this account makes us want to pack our bags immediately.

#4 Jeromie & Madeline

Instagram Handle: @thewininghills

This couple are just searching for delicious wine and a good view, but we’re glad they’re taking us with them! The Australian and American are currently touring the best of Europe with the next stops Kraków and Lisbon.

#5 Scott & Collette

Instagram Handle: @roamaroo

Discover the world with these couples travel bloggers who share everything on their Instagram from flamingos to ice cream and the world’s most stunning hidden beaches. As this travel couple also share prizes and give their followers the chance to visit the same exotic places!

#6 Sebastian & Espe

Instagram Handle: @twotrends

This couple dress well and travel even better, as we’re not sure what we’re most jealous of their wardrobe or their passport stamps! Every post is like a fashion shoot, with a brand new exciting backdrop, as we can’t wait to see where next week takes them and what they’ll be wearing.

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#7 Lauren & Jack

Instagram Handle: @gypsea_lust and @doyoutravel

Arguably the most insta-famous travel couple are Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris, who get paid to travel and post their photographs. With separate accounts this couple are living the dream as their picture-perfect life surely can’t be as interesting and amazing as it seems?! Still, we can’t stop double tapping their cute, candid shots.

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#8 Aga & Bekran

Instagram Handle: @worldisenough

Travelling together since 2014, this couple give followers an insight to their busy travel schedule. From Scotland’s castles to Turkey’s hot air balloons and Singapore’s gardens, their Instagram account and blog help fellow travellers to live their dream.

#9 Victoria & Terrence

Instagram Handle: @followmeawaytravel

This couple love dramatic scenery, sunsets and chasing waterfalls, they might sound cliché but their photography is pretty impressive. So get ready for national parks, rickety bridges and sunsets in the sand dunes.

#10 Andrew & Emily

Instagram Handle: @alongdustyroads

You’ll very rarely catch a photo of this couple together, which makes their account seem more realistic and genuine. They capture culture, the back streets and the moments you can relate, but their Instagram account is just as creative and colour co-ordinated as the last. This is another particular favourite of ours, with unique destinations and original posts!

#11 Farhang & Mursal

Instagram Handle: @awesomeworldtrip

This couple describe their adventures as an endless honeymoon, as what’s more romantic than travelling the world with your loved one. From the dramatic landscapes of Namibia to the tranquillity of New Zealand, we’ve fallen for their lifestyle and their stunning travel photography.

#12 Xavier & Katie

Instagram Handle: @xkflyaway

Loved up and living their best life are Xavier and Katie who are known for posing on beautiful beaches and capturing the perfect sunset shot. From couples bike rides to breakfasts overlooking the ocean, this couple inspire romance and adventure at the same time. Tag your other half and hint at trip just like this.