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This is the Scariest Swimming Pool You’ve Ever Seen

This proposed ‘cliff hotel’ in Norway is for those determined to live life on the edge.

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4 August 2019

The Scariest Swimming Pool You’ve Ever Seen

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Infinity pools are having a bit of a moment.

Plans are already in motion to build the world’s first 360-degree infinity pool atop a skyscraper in Central London. And the Palm Tower in Dubai is nearing completion of one the world’s highest infinity pools, a 930,000 litre tank raised 689ft off the ground.

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Now, a Turkish company is aiming to raise the bar – and your heart rate – with a new, death-defying design, that could see an ultra-modern, glass-bottomed infinity pool jut out from a cliff face at a height of roughly 2,000ft.

Not a good place for a game of Marco Polo

The project – a brainchild of the Hayri Atak, an architectural design studio in Istanbul – would see a five-star hotel adorn the Preikestolen, widely known as Pulpit Rock, a giant cliff above Lysefjord in Southern Norway that is already a tourist attraction in its own right.

Lovely weather for a dip

A viewing platform would be built into the clifftop, doubling as an entrance to the hotel, while rooms with balconies would be vertically hewn into the face. Expected to have just nine rooms and a restaurant spread across five tiers, every guest should have views over the enormous chasm.

The bottom tier would feature a second observation deck, with loungers and other facilities, and, of course, the swimming pool. Not for the faint of heart, visitors would dive in, do a few strokes, and be suddenly suspended in a thin strip of water, far above the inky blackness of the fjord below.

Reality (L) and concept (R)

Unfortunately, would-be thrill seekers should wait a while before reaching for the chequebook. The hotel has not been commissioned, and planning is still in a very early stage.