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Top 10 Countries To Visit In 2018

Rewrite your bucket list and make 2018 your best year yet!

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6 November 2017

 Top 10 Countries To Visit In 2018

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There’s still 2 months left to enjoy of 2017, but when it comes to staying up -to-date withtravel trends you need to be organised, schedule your dates and book flights to your travel destinations.

We’ve prepared the essential list of top travel destinations in 2018, which will help you start planning your getaways. So here is where you should you be travelling in 2018...

#1 Chile

Chile will celebrate its 200th year of Independence in 2018 and you need to visit to be a part of the celebrations. We previously featured some of the best that South America has to offer, as we’re not surprised that Chile is taking the top spot on travel 2018 lists. From the Andes to the Atacama Desert, nowhere can compete with Chile’s dramatic landscapes, starry skies and ancient sculptures.

#2 Portugal

Portugal has started to steal Spain’s success, as it has developed into a country of culture, art and cuisine. Visit Lisbon, the Algarve or the Azore Islands off the coast with their natural beauty, charming villages and amazing food. And Portugal is still very affordable!

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#3 South Korea

South Korea will be hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and in 2017 its futuristic capital city Seoul received a huge makeover, meaning it is now has a high-line park with cafes, bars and libraries along a disused elevated highway. South Korea also has an urban nightlife and is full of oriental charm mixed with Asian modernity, making it a must see.

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#4 Mexico

With the new animated Land of the Dead Disney film Coco arriving in cinemas, we all want to visit Mexico. The film was inspired by the small Mexican city of Guanajuato in the central highlands of Mexico, known for its silver mining, city-scape of churches and colourful houses. Mexico City is also being named the 2018 World Design Capital.

#5 New Zealand

With dramatic scenery and stunning wilderness, New Zealand is a hikers paradise. There is a new Great Walk under construction, as there will be even more for adventure-seekers to explore. Oh and of course we all want to visit Middle Earth.

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#6 Italy

We already love Italy for its history, style and food, but the country is also home to picturesque islands and seascapes. The Aeolian Islands floating in the Tyrrhenian Sea are a travel paradise. They have some, some of Europe’s best coastal walks and dives, volcanic slopes and black-sand beaches. But you need to explore these hidden treasures of Italy before everyone else finds them. Also visit Matera before it is crowned European City of Culture in 2019.

#7 Morocco

Morocco’s most visited city, Marrakesh, has seen a renewed interest from fashionistas and designers, thanks to the opening of the Musée Yves Saint Laurent. But, if you want to explore more of Morocco then why not try Essaouira. The walled city’s narrow alleyways are full of tradition and culture, as well as sensational food that is good value for money.

#8 Mauritius

The picture perfect island celebrates its 50th year of independence in 2018 and we know we’d like to toast to this on one of the amazing beaches. There are coral reef dives, kitesurfing, sea kayaking and lagoon cruises and stunning sunsets, but the government is also establishing the island as a hub for flights to mainland Africa and working on better connections to the rest of the world.

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#9 Bolivia

Chile’s neighbour also finds its way onto the list! Bolivia’s rugged rocks, rivers, and ravines can fuel adventures and also test your nerves. With its culture, parades and natural beauty, Bolivia is one of South America’s most diverse and perplexing nations.

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#10 Northern Ireland

This may be a surprise entry but with Northern Ireland’s capital city Belfast has been transformed into a hip neighbourhood of bars, restaurants and venues and the Titanic Quarter has the amazing museum next to luxury apartments. There’s also the Causeway Coast with striking views, golf and whiskey. With Game of Thrones Scenes shot across the country, why not take a tour of iconic scenes during the year of the shows final season.

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