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7 Breathtaking Locations Less Than 5 Hours From Dubai

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16 January 2021

10 Stunning Locations Less Than 5 Hours Away From Dubai

Editor's note: Travel restrictions may change due to the situation.

Living in Dubai certainly has its perks and one of them is - half the world is yours to explore. The metropolitan city serves as a geographical crossroad between Europe, Asia and Africa - which means it offers the perfect opportunity for short holiday trips (beyond the low mountains of Fujairah and Ras-al-Khaimah)

We've rounded up some stunning and affordable tourist spots that are less than 5 hours away from Dubai.

Why Greece Is The Perfect Winter Destination

Posted on

26 November 2020

Why Greece Is The Perfect Winter Destination

Greece officially reopened for tourism from June 15, 2020.

During the summer months, thousands of holidaymakers flock to Greece, but up until recently very few would consider travelling there in winter. Yet milder temperatures and fewer crowds make visiting ancient sites a pleasure, and hiking routes more comfortable to navigate.

Greece is shaping up to be a suitable proposition for an ‘off-season’ break. Dubai to Athens has a flight time of five and half hours –so here’s why you should visit...

5 Of The World's Most Idyllic Islands

Posted on

6 December 2018

5 Of The World's Most Idyllic Islands

There’s a certain romance associated with islands. They embody true escapism and detachment from the wider world and have provided the setting for countless novels, such as the classic Robinson Crusoe, which celebrates it’s 300th anniversary next year.

Our obsession with these castaway land masses has also translated into the digital age, with more than 21 million images on Instagram tagged with #island.

Here are five of the world’s top island escapes, along with the iconic features that set them apart…

5 Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations

Posted on

1 November 2018

5 Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations

Being a vegan is tricky enough when you’re on your own turf, but it can often prove a nightmare when travelling.

There are some cities you know will be no problem – for example, there are endless plant-based options in the likes of Berlin and Los Angeles – but what about the rest of the world?

We’ve picked five top destinations for vegans that might surprise you...

Top 12 U.S. Destinations To Visit In 2018

Posted on

4 July 2018

The best of the U.S. in 2018

The United States of America is made up of so many diverse and unique destinations, making it difficult to decide where to visit next. From the big cities to the captivating coastlines, we’ve sourced our pick of underrated spots in the U.S. to explore in 2018 –so forget New York and L.A. as we’ve discovered a different road to take!

On a special day for America, “Happy Fourth of July,” here is the best of the U.S. to mark the country’s Independence Day and reveal some of America’s hidden gems.

8 Best Places To Visit In Russia

Posted on

18 June 2018

Best Places To Visit In Russia

Russia is the world’s largest country, steeped in history and dramatic landscapes; it is also the host of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. With crowds of football fans gathered for the year’s biggest sporting event, eyes from around the world are focused on Russia, as we wanted to highlight what the country has to explore –whether you’re a football fan or not!