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The Most Dangerous Tourist Locations You Probably Shouldn't Visit

Posted on

2 February 2017

image credit: TheRichest/YouTube

Travelling is a rewarding experience. It’s exciting to explore foreign lands, meet new people and eat authentic local cuisines but things can get pretty stressful if you decide to bungee jump towards a volcano or visit an island covered with snakes.

Most of the famous tourist destinations are known for their magnificent mountains, wondrous volcanoes, majestic rivers and endless deserts — that's what attracts tourists in the first place. But no matter how beautiful our planet is, there are always places where nature takes a dangerous turn.

This Couple’s Journey To Iceland Is As Stunning As It Gets

Posted on

2 February 2017

image credit: bite.of.iceland/Instagram

The urge to pack our bags and set off into the unknown hits us all. For Adam and Marta, a Polish couple — Iceland was calling and off they went.

The two amateur photographers dreamed of exploring the Northern country for a long time but it was in Spring 2014 when they decided to set off to the lonely island. Their initial plan was to stay for a week but they ended up staying for more than a year.

5 Exotic Valentine's Day Getaways For Every Budget

Posted on

17 January 2017

5 Exotic Romantic Getaways To Fit Every Budget

Nothing spells romance better than white-washed beaches touching the turquoise waves. Add some swish luxury hotels, indulgent spas, slick restaurants and you have the perfect recipe for the most exotic vacations.

If you're planning to make this Valentine's day extra special for someone, we suggest you go for Mother Nature's most breathtaking possession - the beaches.

We've compiled a list of some breathtaking places for your romantic getaway — choose your pick according to your budget and liking.

7 Breathtaking Locations Less Than 5 Hours From Dubai

Posted on

16 January 2017

10 Stunning Locations Less Than 5 Hours Away From Dubai

Living in Dubai certainly has its perks and one of them is - half the world is yours to explore. The metropolitan city serves as a geographical crossroad between Europe, Asia and Africa - which means it offers the perfect opportunity for short holiday trips (beyond the low mountains of Fujairah and Ras-al-Khaimah)

We've rounded up some stunning and affordable tourist spots that are less than 5 hours away from Dubai.