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10 Steps To Achieve The PERFECT Instagram Makeup

It all starts with a mystery oil.

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26 April 2017

video credit: TheTalko/YouTube

Gone are the days when people would flick through magazines and cut out their favourite looks. Today — it’s all about scrolling through millions of hashtags and showing some TLC to whatever clicks.

There's no point denying that Instagram is your new BFF when it comes to choosing the next foundation or trying out a new eye shadow. This photo sharing social app has become a factory of makeup trends.

All it takes is an Instagram handle, a tonne of products and the ability to edit your routine into a 15-second, sped-up snippet to create a signature THE look.

But what is the fuss about THE INSTAGRAM LOOK, you ask?

In literal terms, Instagram makeup is all about false lashes, flawless foundation, overdrawn brows and a million dollar highlight — there you have it; the Wikipedia-approved definition. Now the question is — can this heavy-handed look actually work IRL?

Watch this fun video by YouTube channel TheTalko to see if you can master the art of Instagram makeup in 10 steps.