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5 Ways To Make Your Hair Extensions Look Natural

Extensions that don't look like extensions!

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8 January 2017

video credit: Milk+Blush/YouTube

Blame it on Rapunzel, but there is something magical about long shiny locks that is timeless and downright ethereal. If you’re in your long-hair-don’t-care-phase then hola! You’re right on trend with the pin straight hair look. But if you’re not then no worries, there are always hair extensions to thank.

Wearing these synthetic or human hair strands might look easy but celebrities like Naomi Campbell and Britney Spears have fallen victim to hair disasters due to visible or discoloured extensions. In order to avoid any accidents, we've jotted down some tips that will help in making your hair extensions look naturally gorgeous.

1. Be realistic

Hair extensions are great but let's be real here - it's no magic. Keep your natural hair length in consideration before deciding on the extension length. If you have short hair then choosing a foot long extension is probably not a good idea.

2. Blending is the key

The key to natural looking extension is choosing the closest colour and texture that matches with your natural hair and then blending by styling the two together.

3. Dry shampoo/hairspray

If you have trouble fixing your extensions then add some dry shampoo or hairspray for a stronger hold. Use a backcombing brush to gently tease your roots, then add a mist of hairspray for extra grip before clipping your extensions in.

4. Clipping close to hairline

A good way to disguise any shorter layers is to clip the hair extensions as close together as possible. Be sure to clip them 1/2 inch away from your scalp.

5. 40 strands rule

For those using it for the first time, start with about 40 strands so you can get the feel of them. From there you can decide whether you want more or less, depending on the volume you’re going for.

Popular YouTube channel, @Milk+Brush has created this interesting video with demonstrations to clip your extensions. Give it a watch and we bet, you'll never go wrong with those long straight locks.