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How YouTube Beauty Gurus Are Lying To All Of Us

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29 January 2017

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video credit: @WayneGoss/YouTube

YouTube beauty gurus are coming under the radar for all the wrong reasons. Many channels on YouTube have started to uncover how these so called gurus get around technicalities and shill products to us - products they may or may not believe in. However, the latest revelation by makeup artist and a YouTuber himself - Wayne Goss- maybe the most shocking one yet.

Wayne showcases how gurus use "video photoshop" to blur out their imperfections and look flawless on camera. These gurus have millions of subscribers who aspire to be like them, and their fan base also consists of a lot of teens and tweens. To use video photoshop so blatantly is basically selling us a lie and is going to make people feel worse about themselves cause no one can ever look that way - not even the gurus themselves.

It is fundamentally wrong on so many levels. Watch Wayne Goss' video to see the difference that video photoshopping can make.