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Expat Interview: Becoming an Expat is an Exciting New Beginning

Meet Luba Kharusi, from Oman and now an ExpatWoman living in Dubai, she tells us what Christmas is now like for her family.

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13 December 2015

Last updated on 23 October 2017
Expat Interview: Becoming an Expat is an Exciting New Beginning

We had the opportunity to have a short and sweet chat with Luba about her life here in Dubai, having previously lived in the UK and Oman.

She's a children's book author and publisher, and has shared with us some insider tips to expat life, an insight as to what Christmas is like in Dubai and her future dreams and plans.

Where were you born?

I’m living in:

A bit about us:
I am a children’s book author and publisher, as well as a mother of two.

How long have you lived there?
I over to Dubai in September 2015

Have you always wanted to live/work abroad?
Yes, I used to live in London and Muscat.

Why did you move?
I Wanted a fresh and exciting new beginning.

Why we like living here:
It is so exciting, so much going on and so many inspiring people around.

Accommodation Options?
I live in a villa.

Do you celebrate Christmas?
Yes, I always do.

Is Christmas celebrated in your host country?
It is by some people here.

What are some of the traditions associated with Christmas where you now live?
We try to have a turkey for Christmas lunch and a tree with lots of presents.

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How are you spending Christmas 2015?
I will be in Thailand with my family.

What do you wish you’d known before you moved?
I wish I had know about Google maps earlier, I now use it all the time and no other GPS!

Is there any where you would like to live that you have not explored?
New York, This will be my dream to go here one day.

What’s the best thing about being an expat?
The freedom of being anonymous!

How do you keep a little bit of home with you as an expat?
I visit home regularly, and with social media and the Internet we stay in close touch with friends and family.