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Expat Interview: Manika, An Expat, Mother, Wife And Writer

An inspirational mother who loves to write and knows the balancing act of being a mother and pursuing your own passion well

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24 September 2015

Last updated on 26 October 2017
Expat Interview: Manika, An Expat, Mother, Wife And Writer

I’m living in:
Dubai, UAE

A bit about us:
I am a freelance writer and mommy to a 4 year old girl. Her father and I dated forever before we got married six years ago. I've been a workaholic the past 6-7 years and until recently was heading Content and Social Media for an e-commerce website in New Delhi. Ever since our move here I'm enjoying the down time because my girl and I have precious moments together. I was back at work six months after her birth so this is very new for us! That said I do miss the energy of deadlines and the pace of full time work so am looking to get back to that soon.

How long have you lived there?
I lived in Dubai previously (2007-09) while completing my MBA. But I was back in Delhi thereafter. Our current move happened in August and it's a lot different. The city has changed so much and so has my life. Moving here with my husband and daughter is a whole new experience.

Why did you move?
Having lived here before, I always loved the idea of coming back. In November last year my husband received a job offer in Dubai for an exciting profile. I stayed back initially to figure work and our daughter's school. We eventually moved when that was settled. Long distance love and single parenting (with grandparent support though) was not how we wanted things to be!

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Why I like living here:
Dubai offers a unique living experience in being able to soak in not just the local culture but also interacting with people from varied nationalities. There are a lot of things to do here, plus the work-life balance is better than it was in Delhi. Best-of-the-world facilities are available and it is up to us to decide what level of luxury we would like to partake in.

Accommodation Options?
We're living in an apartment right now, though the choices here are endless.

Dubai Marina

What do you enjoy doing with your time?
As a mother my time runs on my daughter's time table! So when she's at school I get most of my work done (writing, research for articles, lots of reading) and with her it's doing the round of slides, reading her books, colouring and walking in our neighbourhood. I love walking and here, despite the weather, the streets are so walk-able, I love it! 

What top tips do you have for anyone considering a move?
Do your research ahead of time. Choose an area to live/school that fits your needs, your budget and identify the real reason this move is better for you than your current state. Also, while Dubai is a very open and liberal city, some behaviour is frowned upon. Acclimatise yourself with that and ensure you're okay with it.

What do you wish you’d known before you moved?
I had lived here before and even during this current move, I read up a lot (especially on Expat Woman), so I doubt there will be any "I couldn't have imagined..." moments (hopefully!)

What’s the best thing about being an expat?
Being part of a global community allows for widening your horizons and learning new things about different cultures.

How do you keep a little bit of home with you as an expat?
Language is one. We speak to our daughter in Hindi off and on so she doesn't forget it with her education being in English (and we’re so happy about her learning Arabic). Then there are Skype conversations with grandparents, Indian meals during the week, celebrating the main festivals together. Idols of our Gods (only some) are also with us in a corner of our home, along with a copy of the Gita.

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