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10 Signs That Were Hilariously Lost in Translation

Have you ever come across some weird translations while abroad? Here are some of our favourites!

10 Signs That Were Hilariously Lost in Translation

Learning a language is an incredibly complex thing. As expats, we are often faced with language barriers in our everyday lives. We make attempts to learn a few basic phrases and catch on with the local slang, but sometimes we mess up big time! We can only hope that others will appreciate the effort and laugh with us at our blunders.

Do you understand

As English is the language most often used internationally, there are signs from all over the world that were translated to make it easier for tourists…except sometimes, they don’t really come off right.

Here are some that made us giggle!

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1. We knew food babies were a thing, but thanks for heads up! 


2. That's not eerie at all... 

Arabic translation

3. You'll definitely be fluent in no time! 

Arabic translation

4. I think we'll stick with the Tourist Center on this one...

Tourist center sign

5. Well, it kind of makes sense!

If you're stolen sign

6. Not really sure what kind of orphan they're refering to...

Orphan sign

7. Talk about unappetising!

Spicy grandma dish

8. When the web translator lets you down...

Translation error

9. A cheese goat sounds delicious!

French sign

10. When you're confused about the consequences...

Italian sign