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15 Lessons Learnt as Expats

We asked expats around the world to help us identify the main expat lessons we all learn

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16 March 2016

Last updated on 18 October 2017
15 Lessons Learnt as Expats

There's no denying that moving, living and working abroad can dramatically change a person, often for the better... And sometimes for the worst. 

So we've rounded up some of lessons that we think are the most important, with help from our trusty EWers. 

1. Expats have amazing access to a lot of fun things, but also opportunities to become knowledgeable on a very wide range

2. Being multilingual is truly a great skill

3. Change your mindset; what is right and correct where you come from, isn't the way most people think and live

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4. You can't assume everyone has common sense, it varies in different countries

5. If you're homesick, don't listen to Whitney Houston's songs

6. That your own culture isn't as perfect as you'd like to believe

7. Everyone should be treated equally no matter their race or colour

8. All expats need to learn acceptance

9. There are many ways of achieving the same thing, and that your way is not necessarily the best way

10. The grass isn't always greener

11. That you're actually an amazing driver!

12. Be positive

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13. Understand your country's history, every country and its people are affected by their history and culture

14. Learn to appreciate and understand their culture

15. Always say yes to new things and try things